Best Canadian Fashion & Lifestyle Brands of 2015

2015 was a great year for Canadian brands, each brand listed her has had either immense international or national success in 2015 and should be considered at the forefront of the Canadian fashion landscape.  If you’ve read our past Best Canadian brands articles, you’ll notice some brands keep making the list, while others are appearing for the first time. Brands that appear here have left their mark and hopefully continue to grow as new brands enter the market. We want to thank every brand that makes this list as their hard work has made our job easy. When looking for the best and the brightest, it’s simple as Canada has never had so many incredible brands. Thank you, and much success in 2016.

Native Shoes

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Native Shoes are the super-trendy and comfy footwear made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). This globally popular brand was launched in 2009, and is headquartered in Vancouver. While experiencing success since 2009, Native Shoes’ newest model the Apollo and Apollo Chukka made serious waves in 2015. Propelling the brand from a quirky shoe manufacturer into a more mature market, the Apollo shoe has been majorly marketed to and loved by sportswear and streetwear aficionados worldwide.  With 2015 features on almost every major streetwear blog, the Apollo really is the shoe that will take Native Shoes to the moon and back.



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Vitaly is a sheer beast and had a massive 2015! Moving from a jewelry brand into the world of full-fledged lifestyle brand, Vitaly Design has managed to stay instantly recognizable while branching out to encompass a wide range of appreciating customers. With over 272K followers on Instagram, the legions of Vitaly faithful continues to grow and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. With a more focused approach on Vitaly clothing, and with updated styles we just know Vitaly will continue to push boundaries in 2016.

Sully Wong

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Sully Wong had a really strong 2015. The brand collaborated with Vitaly, Ciroc, Amanda Lew-Kee and is expected to collaborate with famed chef Sur Sur Lee.  Sully Wong appeared on several major international blogs raising their international profile. With a huge following in Korea and Japan, we expect Sully Wong to have a real breakout year in 2016 officially cementing them as one of Canada’s top footwear and lifestyle brands.

People Footwear 


Founded by one of the co-founders of Native Footwear, People Footwear is another quirky footwear brand out of Vancouver that had a great 2015. Now carried in hundreds of shops across North American and Asia, People Footwear has made their mark.

Peace Collective

As the newest brand to make our best of list, Peace Collective had a massive unparalleled 2015. While initially gaining popularity among Toronto locals and bloggers, Peace Collective has metaphorically blown up in the last half of 2015. Within the brand’s first 8 months, sportswear juggernaut Lululemon took notice and offered to collaborate with the brand using the brand’s Toronto – Vs- Everybody design on Lululemon tanks and T-shirts. While securing a major collaborator like Lululemon would be huge for any brand, Peace Collectives breakthrough success was a perfect marriage of branding, timing and celebrity endorsements. The Toronto Blue Jays reached the playoffs for the first time in 22 years, putting Toronto and the Blue Jays in the  spotlight of the entire company. Lucky for Peace Collective, their Toronto-Vs- Everybody T-shirts became a symbol for Toronto’s playoff push. With Instagram posts from Jose Bautista, Marcus Stroman and Kevin Pillar all wearing the shirt, Peace Collective hit it big and hasn’t looked back.

WANT Les Essentiels De La Vie


Launched in 2007 by twin brothers Byron and Dexter Peart, WANT Les Essentiels De La Vie makes perfectly crafted accessories and bags. Now internationally known WANT Les Essentiels is now carried at the finest department stores and boutiques across the globe. Nordstrom, Barney’s, SSENSE and Mr. Porter (just to name a few) now all carry WANT and the brand just keeps on rolling.


Raised by Wolves

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  Raised by wolves is an example of a company that is doing streetwear right. Not overly gimmicky, RBW has been putting out staple streetwear pieces for a few years now and has built a loyal following by continually giving people what they want. Established in Ottawa, RBW is probably one of the most complete lifestyle brands on this list, stocking everything from hats to stuff for your home. Keep an eye out for this great brand as they continue to grow and develop.



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Knixwear is a revolutionary Toronto-based underwear brand and had a company year in 2015. The brand has been internationally recognized and continues to produce high-quality athletic inspired underwear for women of all shapes and sizes. With now hundreds of doors where Knixwear is sold, we are so happy to see the brand grow.


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Mackage is hot and will continue to be one of the top Canadian outwear brands, but 2015 was a big year for Mackage as their opened their first free-standing location in Montreal. Now with a concrete retail operation, we expect Mackage to have a monster 2016.

Moose Knuckles


According to industry experts, 2015 is the year where Canada Goose sales will finally start to dwindle down making room for another Canadian coat manufacturer. 2015 belonged to Moose Knuckles. While Canada Goose has been saturating the market Moose Knuckles has been quietly producing high-quality, stylish outerwear. Just recently Esquire Magazine Released an article titled ” Is This the Next Big Canadian Outerwear Brand?” alluding to the fact that Moose Knuckles has been polishing up their product ready for a big 2016 .