The Best Places for Custom Suits in Vancouver

Whether you’re looking for a suit for the office, a special occasion or just because, there are plenty of places for custom suits in Vancouver.

To be a truly well dressed man, your clothing needs to take your style to the next level. To reach style nirvana, you must be able to visualize and create a look that fits you perfectly and reflects who you are – both in life and in style. Make a decision on whether to start from scratch with a bespoke artisan or by customizing a made-to-measure suit with a tailor. These are the best places for a custom suit in Vancouver: 

Style By Sarai – mobile service

men's custom suits in vancouver

Customized and tailored in Vancouver, the Jason Sarai Bespoke Suit line requires over 30 specific measurements, giving the gent-in-need the opportunity to cater the fit of suit to his personality. You’ll be in expert hands with SBS as Jason has been selected as a style and lifestyle ambassador for Lululemon Athletica, Ted Baker London and, as well as a GQ insider for

Image via @stylebysarai

Dulce Vida in Yaletown

men's custom suits in vancouver

Touted as the most convenient shopping experience, Dulce Vida will come directly to your office, home or docked yacht, with the tools they need to fulfill your order. Don’t worry about stepping out of your comfort zone – it’s a mighty fine service for the overworked without a minute to spare or the haute agoraphobic.

Image via @dvclothiers

Indochino in Yaletown

men's custom suits in vancouver

There are some men who buy their suits but have their shirts custom-made, the ones who do the exact opposite and the rebels who throw caution to the wind and do both. If your life’s philosophy is ‘ my way or the highway,’ then Indochino is where to go. From buttons and vents to pockets and lapels, custom build that bad boy, throw a monogram on it and rock it. (Yes, Fashion Santa models for Indochino too!)

Image via @indochino

Joey Dimz Atelier in Crosstown

men's custom suits in vancouver

Located at the edge of Gastown, in the heritage nook called Crosstown, Joey Dimz’s petite atelier is beautifully decorated with remnants of the past and colourful artwork. This artisan insists on collaboration between the client and the atelier from start to finish. From military to modern, Joey Dimz is the definition of precision and impeccable taste.

Image via Helen Siwak

Modello Bespoke Suiting – mobile service

men's custom suits in vancouver

It all begins with the finest wools from Italy, England and Australia. All Modello suits are handmade in Mumbai, India by master tailors. After 25-30 body measurements, you will have personally defined the entire suit, from the lapels to the cuffs. Wait time is 4-5 weeks from the initial consultation.

Image via @wearmodello

Harry Rosen in CF Pacific Centre

men's custom suits in vancouver

For men who find ready-to-wear a difficult process, perhaps the answer lies in made-to-measure suits, sports jackets, trousers and dress shirts. At Harry Rosen, men are assisted in the selection of their own fabric, styling and pattern. Designers such as Coppley, Ermenegildo Zegna and Isaia offer made-to-measure services year-round at Harry Rosen. 

Image via @ Harry Rosen

Nordstrom in CF Pacific Centre

men's custom suits in vancouver

Made-to-measure services available at Nordstrom downtown include a range of patterns from the classic Hickey Freeman to the exquisite Canali. Arrive early and enjoy an attitude-loosening cocktail (or two) at Bistro Verde before heading up to menswear.

Image via @nordstrommen

Don’t be the guy who is just ‘getting by’ in the workplace with an off-the-rack suit, a pair of funky socks and quirky tie. Be ‘that’ guy who is well put together from top to bottom; from the precision haircut to the heels of your handcrafted British shoes. So much so, that it doesn’t matter if you are riding transit or cruising in a convertible, because all eyes are on you, not your wheels. 

Where do you go for custom suits in Vancouver? Share your favourite spot in the comment section below.

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Featured image via @DVClothiers