BETRENDME- Premium Denim, A must Have!

There is nothing like finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans – when you slip into them…..

There is nothing like finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans – when
you slip into them, the super supple cotton feels so soft against your
skin and once you realize you’ve found the ideal fit, you’re in love. It
sounds crazy, but the right pair of jeans that fit like a glove can be
hard to find, but when you do you’ll never want to let go. BeTrendMe
believes that there are certain splurges that one should indulge in and
premium denim is definitely one of them. The cut, quality, and fit are
incomparable with some of the best denim companies around.

J Brand, a company that works to lessen any potential impact on the
environment with their production, puts a special emphasis on the
fit of their jeans and it shows in how they wear; they look to make
women feel beautiful and confident in their clothes and have created
a winning combination of sexiness, style, and comfort. Jeff Rudes,
the CEO of J Brand specifically manufactured a jean that follow the
contours of a woman’s body – and do J Brand’s jeans ever live up to
that expectation! The wash of the jean as well as the fit and comfort
make J Brand a top pick for luxury denim.

Ladies, if you often find yourself struggling to find the perfect fitting
jean, then turn to Paige Premium Denim. Paige, the name and brains
behind the brand, combined her Southern California casual style with
utter sophistication. Paige only uses the highest quality of denim,
creating a trendsetting jean with the perfect marrying of fit and
comfort. Paige puts a strong focus on the fit of the jean, ensuring that
each style is carefully calculated with each consumer in mind. Specific
and outstanding elements of her jeans are the contoured waistband
and forward sitting seams. Paige also uses her denim line to support
and work with charities that are close to her heart, such as The
National Eating Disorders of America, and aims to promote a positive
body image. Paige Premium Denim has created a collection of jeans
for women of all shapes, matching the perfect fit to each individual.

If you’re looking for a great jean that also has an eco-conscious
background, then Nudie Jeans Co. is just for you! This company is
constantly following the three r’s – reduce, reuse, and recycle. They
recycle old denim to create new pairs of jeans, comes in recycled
packaging, and they use organic cotton! Nudie Jeans aims to provide a
pair of great fitting jeans as well as staying eco-friendly in the process
– a great option for all those who are trying to help planet earth!

Finally, another great company for denim is Diesel, an Italian company
focused on luxurious, ready-to-wear clothing. Stars, such as Zac
Efron, are constantly being spotted in this Italian brand, and why

wouldn’t they? The fit, wash, and style are exactly what are desired
in a pair of denim. Diesel also works closely with a foundation
called “Only The Brave”, which aims to redress the balance of
disadvantaged youth in Africa.

BTM loves that many companies are joining with major causes around
the world in aims to make the planted a better place. Along with
providing amazing luxury denim with a great fit and ideal comfort,
many brands including J Brand, Nudie Jeans Co., Paige Premium
Denim, and Diesel are supporting larger causes as well. It’s definitely
worth it to check out BTM’s favorite denim brands, and in doing so;
you can be a part of something bigger and better!