Black Friday Tips + Tricks and Do’s + Don’ts

With Black Friday just two days away, it’s time to go over some tips and tricks, and do’s and don’t of shopping for deals on Black Friday.

With Black Friday just two days away, it’s time to go over some tips and tricks, and do’s and don’t of shopping for deals on Black Friday.


Timing is everything: If you’re not heading to an actual store and are planning on doing your Black Friday shopping online remember that most online Black Friday deals will start at 12:00 am on Friday. So if you’re looking for the best deals remember to start shopping on Thursday night.

Shop Early: This is pretty obvious but every year people get mad that the Black Friday deals are most picked over by 2:00 pm. If you really want something at a specific store don’t double think it get to the store at least an hour before to avoid disappointment.

Shop Local: Many big box retailers advertise their sales in advance, smaller local retailers often don’t, as lack of marketing dollars usually end up being passed on to the consumer. Smaller local stores have great Black Friday deals and will help you keep your money within the community. Make sure you follow your favourite local retailer on Twitter or through Instagram to get updates and sale promotions.

Use Resources: Other than StyleDemocracy there are many websites that can help you navigate Black Friday deals. We suggest:,,, and


Game the system: Similar practices are often used for highly coveted online items like collaborations or special editions. We suggest making sure you have an account with the online retailers you want to shop. Already having an account before the sale starts will allow you to have a faster checkout process which will improve your chances of getting what you.  Remember autofill – often annoying – comes in handy for shopping online.  Additionally, some websites will let you add items to your cart before they go on sale. If you want something specifically you can add it to your cart and when the sale starts purchase it with the discount code.


  • If you’re a fan of Black Friday shopping, do go to the mall, but prepare yourself. Your local shopping centre is probably the best place to get the most deals, but it will be packed so if you’re going to the mall make sure to bring supplies: Water, hand sanitizer a big bag and don’t forget your coat as you may have to wait outside at some stores in an effort to control customers
  • Check out flyers. Most major retailers have already released their Black Friday deals so you can prepare yourself and discover the best deals.
  • If you check out the flyers, do make a list. Having a list of exactly what you want to buy or are prepared to buy will help you save money and prevent yourself from making sporadic purchases due to the excitement of a sale. A list is extermely important if you are buying electronics. Making a list with the exact model name and the listed sale price will help you track down the item for faster purchasing.


  • Don’t go across the border to shop. With the Canadian dollar hovering around 70 cents USD it doesn’t make a lot of sense to travel across the border to shop. If you do, make sure you follow these tips.
  • Don’t feel like you have to buy something. The frenzy of shopping on Black Friday makes us think we need to buy something. However, if the deals aren’t great or you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t make unecessary purchases.
  • Don’t be afraid to take Friday off. If you are a serious shopper take the day off, head in early and get what you want. You could be napping in front of your new big screen by noon. Wouldn’t that be nice?
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