Spotlight: Trend Trunk

If you’ve been reading the blog, you know our fascination with cool fashion startups….

If you’ve been reading the blog, you know our fascination with cool fashion startups. This week we keep the ball rolling when I got the chance to sit down with Sean Snyder of Trend Trunk, and discover the new frontier of online market places.

If you’ve never heard of Trend Trunk, it’s because it’s brand new! Operating in its second month,  Trend Trunk is trying to make the online marketplace experience more fashionable and safe at the same time!

“Trend Trunk is an online trusted marketplace that allows customers to sell their fashionable and pre-loved clothing & accessories … We’ve taken the traditional marketplace to another level, where what we’ve done is put in trust factors by leveraging people’s social media networks” says Sean. Essentially what’s so great about what Trend Trunk is doing, is that it’s increasing your trust in the buying and selling process by allowing you to see who you are transacting with on trusted social networks like Facebook. For example say you are buying a beautiful dress on Trend Trunk from a Susie J. You personally don’t know Susie J, but by getting a quick look at her social media network through Trend Trunk, you see that Susie J is good friends with your old high school friend Jason P. Maybe you want to shoot Jason a message and ask him if Susie j is legit, or maybe just seeing that you have friends in common is enough. Nonetheless, giving shoppers the ability to find out who they are really buying from is game changing.

Trend Trunk takes the worries you normally have with an online marketplaces and puts those on the back burner.  Sean goes on to say “We’ve removed the “creep” factor [from online marketplaces] you don’t have to meet the buyer or seller in person.” This is huge, if you’ve ever used a website like Kijiji or Craigslist, you have no idea who the person really is. You may not want to go meet a stranger or have a stranger come to your house. I have a friend who used to meets strangers in a parking lot to sell their items… talk about sketchy.

Using Trend Trunk is a breeze as well. You can shop peoples “closets” with a Pintrest like feel. The website gives you the ability to browse items, post comments and even Like or “Lust” as the site deems it, different Items that you love. “We’ve made the marketplace more social. You can click a button and ask your social friends “should I buy?” It goes to your Facebook page and allows your friends to support your purchase.” – So cool!

And finally when I asked about the shipping process? Sean had an answer for me too  “ We make shipping extremely easy, you get a pre-paid, pre-addressed  label [Through Canada Post Xpress Post] that users can simply put in the mail… We then have full tracking abilities, so our users always know the status of their shipment”

If you love fashion and are getting tired of Kijiji and Craigslist, take a peek at Trend Trunk!

Trend Trunk is running an amazing contest with a $10,000 giveaway!

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