Buyer Beware: and Have Gone Bankrupt

At StyleDemocracy we’re always on the hunt for the best prices and discounts however, we’ve recently discovered that that two popular deal websites have gone bankrupt and are offering fraudulent coupons that merchants cannot accept.

At StyleDemocracy we’re always on the hunt for the best prices and discounts however, we’ve recently discovered that two popular deal websites have recently filed for bankruptcy and are offering questionable coupons that merchants cannot accept. A number of merchants have recently come forward to warn potential customers of coupons available for sale on that cannot be redeemed.  

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One merchant that has come forward is John Nico Insogna, the owner of Trattoria La Villetta, a restaurant in Quebec. He had reached an agreement with TeamBuy this summer and was supposed to get $10 for every discount coupon they sold, but he never received payment. After weeks of trying to get in touch with with no response, he eventually had to start turning coupon holders away. “I still had customers coming in, even if I tell them it’s not working, I’m sorry I can’t honour your voucher, they’re not going to be happy with me and I don’t need unhappy customers when I’m working 7 days a week trying to make ends meet,” Insogna told CJAD. After the issue arose, Insogna did his own investigating only to find that other restaurants selling coupons on the site were having the exact same problems. After 17 filed complaints, the Quebec Consumer Protection Agency is running an investigation on the company. Ontario’s Better Business Bureau has 202 complaints filed against the company. In a statement, says it is going through legal restructuring and has not been able to make payments since August 29, 2014. 

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If you’ve recently purchased something online at or, the RCMP Canadian anti-fraud centre is urging people to ask for refunds as soon as possible. Shoppers should ask for the refund in writing incase their bank asks for it. If the request is refused or ignored, call the number on your credit card and the credit card issuer will work with the centre to determine if the purchase was fraudulent – if so, the bank will issue a charge back. “You have a lot of protection with your credit card, it’s the safest way to shop any time any where, if you do run into a problem, in a lot of cases your protected,” Barry Elliott, spokesperson for the RCMP Canadian anti-fraud centre told CJAD. You can get full instructions on how merchants and consumers are to proceed about the fraud here

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