The arrival of Clearly Contacts’ brick-and-mortar locations squashes all your worries and fuses the online experience of shopping with Clearly Contacts with a full service eye-care facility…

If you are in the market for glasses, you might have considered looking online. It’s easy, you can do it from the comfort of your own home, and you can take as much time as you want deciding and shopping. The only downside, is that if you have questions, measurement and fitting needs or you just want to try them on, you often have to go to two or three different providers to get all the information before you buy online. NO MORE!

The arrival of Clearly Contacts’ brick-and-mortar locations squashes all your worries and fuses the online experience of shopping with Clearly Contacts with a full service eye-care facility (eye exams, glasses consultations, glasses fitting, pupil distance measurement, robust glasses selection, access to the entire catalogue online, friendly sales staff).

Last week, I had the opportunity to try out buying glasses in-store and the process was seamless.  It can be broken down in a few easy steps ( I already had my prescription, but I didn’t have my pupil distance)

1. I met with the sales staff, and they assessed my needs.

– Glasses were suggested based on my prescription
– They helped me make a decision based on my style and my glasses usage.

2. Try On

I browsed the store’s large selection of eye wear and was able to try on as many pairs as I wanted ( Not all styles are in-store but can be accessed online at one of the convenient computer stations.)

3. Measurement

I didn’t’ have my Pupil Distance  (a measurement you need for buying glasses online, that almost impossible to acquire without going to see your optometrist) so they measured the distance on the spot to ensure accurate fit.

4. Online Profile Building

What’s truly fantastic about Clearly Contacts is that you can build an online profile in store. It allows you to track your purchase, look up your previous purchase info so if you desire, you can buy glasses the next time without going into the store knowing that you can return them in-store if there is an issue – Brilliant!

5. Payment

Once your profile is built, you can buy them online in-store (kind of weird at first, but say you wanted to use your PayPal account – pretty cool)
– You can also pay traditionally at the counter.

All in all, the experience was fantastic, and if you’re looking to grab a pair of spectacles consider buying online and checking out Clearly Contacts.