CBC Launches New Art Program With Crash Gallery at the AGO

A couple of weeks ago, the StyleDemocracy team decided to step up our cultural game and check out the CBC Arts  launch event that took place on the second floor of the Art Gallery of Ontario. The interactive art element was created for one special night, based off CBC’s new television show – Crash Gallery which is a high-energy immersive show that premiered on October 2nd via CBC Televison.
The night we attended the AGO happened to be on First Thursday. A monthly party inside the AGO that happen on the first Thursday of every month. If you’ve never been to this event it’s one of the coolest atmospheres we’ve ever been to. Talk about a mix! The party housed everyone from 20-year-old scenesters to 75-year-old art lovers.  Everyone effortlessly mixed together with the AGO and an amazing hip-hop DJ as the backdrop. It’s one of the only places we could think of where you could see a 70-year old woman dancing to 2 Chainz with multi-million dollar artworks hanging on the wall.
First Thursday was a great launching pad for Crash Galleries. Hosted by the AGO’s associate director of adult programming and partnerships, Sean O’Neill, Crash Gallery brings art to life through a series of amazing mashups or “clashes”.  The new CBC pits three talented artists against each other as they go head-to-head against each other in a real-time creative arena. When you watch the show it’s actually pretty awesome, it’s like
 a front-row seat behind the artists imaginative process.
You can check out the show on CBC on Friday’s at 8:30
Take a look at a snippet of the show below.