Chloe Comme Parris Runway ’13 collection- Toronto Fashion Week (WMCFW)

By: Amanda Phuong

With a killer soundtrack of Nirvana, Blur, Beck and more, if you didn’t get to live during the 90’s grunge phase or forgot to hop on that bandwagon, you need to check out Chloe Comme Parris’s new collection that debuted the opening night of World Mastercard Fashion week. Model’s channeled their inner teen angst as they be grudgingly strutted their stuff down the runway. Delicate paisley prints laid on
cropped leather motorcycle jackets, skirts, thigh highs, tights and velvet dresses. Oversized jackets sat on top of the models shoulders and their necks were lined with grid chained chokers and charm necklaces. This collection was the perfect balance of femininity and “I have a boyfriend whose motorcycle and record collection is way cooler than yours.” With diagonal slit dresses and flowing chiffon details, the new
Chloe Comme Parris is a must have for the haute-grunge girls closet.


Image Source: George Pimentel