Designer Shoe Warehouse in Canada?

Our friends at Retail- Insider got the scoop that there is a pretty good chance Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) will open stores in Canada. The inside knowledge comes from a Colliers Canada report released yesterday. With a huge selection and low prices, if DSW does enter the Canadian market, already established Canadian discount-shoe retailers will have some major competition.

If you’ve never heard of the DSW before, it’s a pretty big deal south of the border. Designer Shoe Warehouse is so popular because it sells a wide variety of Designer shoes at great prices. If you still can’t picture it, we’d say it’s sort of like The Shoe Company but with better brand names.There are 380 stores in the U.S. and each store usually carries around 24,000 pairs of shoes. According to Retail-Insider, the company has hundreds of millions in cash and no debt.

We expect DSW to kill in the Canadian market, and we can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

Source: Retail Insider