Discover Frank and Oak- Helping men get dressed

I’m not a man, but I do work in retail and notice the struggles that men go through while shopping….

I’m not a man, but I do work in retail and notice the struggles that men go through while shopping. Women’s clothing is easy and most women actually enjoy shopping, so trying on clothes and browsing different shops is more of a fun activity than an obligation. “Is this nice?” “What do I match this with?” “Why is this so expensive?” and “Where can I get something that looks like this or fits me like this?”  Are all questions I’ve been asked by confused men in an unnatural habitat, a clothing store. This is not to say that all men are wardrobe challenged or hate shopping, because fellas, a lot of you are smokin’! But if you’re pressed for time or despise shopping, then we’ve scoped out the perfect website for you.

Frank and Oak is an online retailer set out to make getting dressed easy and stress free. Ethan Song and Hicham Ratnani are two dudes, just like you, who felt like lost guppies in a sea of clothing. Faced with commitment issues when picking outfits, they decided there must be an easier solution to getting dressed. The result was Frank and Oak, an exclusive retailer with a team of stylists and designers that recommend pieces based on their members profiles. They call it the Hunt Club. It’s almost like a secret society except better ‘cause there aren’t any brutal initiation processes (minus a survey.)

The items of interest are premium basics including Oxford shirts, blazers, cotton ties and simple belts. The Frank and Oak team choose a handful of pieces to reflect each customer’s personality and the Hunt Club members have the option of picking up to three items that get shipped directly to your home, free of charge. You then get to try on the items, picking the ones you like and returning the ones you don’t for a store credit. Now doesn’t that sound easy? The best part about Frank and Oak is that all items are under 50 bucks and they are based in Montreal, go Canada, go! So, if you’re sick of your mom picking your outfits or your girlfriend throwing weird things into your change room, check these guys out. They won’t nag you or tell you you’re ugly, they just want you to look good and feel good doing it!

 About Frank and Oak: