Spotlight: Made Clothing Co.

No longer is simply being a man an adequate excuse to look disheveled and unkempt. There is a new breed of man out there, one that knows what a lapel is, and knows that a big part of feeling confident and looking the part comes from a great fitting suit.

Tomas Romita, is always one of the most sharply dressed men in the room. My colleague Oliver and I don’t often find ourselves sitting across from someone who knows more about menswear and suiting than we do, but we found our match. Romita, is the founder of MADE Clothing Co, a unique Toronto Start-up focused on improving the experience and the way in which men get suited. A service which we believe men are ready for.

“MADE is a menswear company with the objective of making [men] better dressed and informing them in the process. It’s important to know what your wardrobe demands of you and what you can get out of it”. He goes on to tell us that “We (MADE) want to be the wardrobe fiduciary of our clients. You have your lawyer, you have your barber, you have your tailor. This person can dress you for the various occasions of your life”. MADE helps you determine what fit is right for you, and they take into consideration how you want to look.

As an up and coming young professional, I often feel unappreciated by the staff in some of the menswear stores in Toronto (*** cough , Harry Rosen, cough***) and underwhelmed by the selection and choice. MADE Clothing knows this, and when I asked Tomas what was different about MADE he told me “The experience.”

Picture the last time you bought a suit. Did the tailor (or sales person) ask you what you like? Or did he just tell you this is what you need? My previous experiences buying suits have all been majorly uncomfortable, and I know a lot of guys feel the same way.

When you set up your appointment to shop with MADE, your not only getting a suit, your getting an education. They don’t simply sell you, they collaborate with you. MADE helps identify why you need a suit, and ask you how you want to look. Tomas said it best “MADE bridges the gap between you and your ideal wardrobe”.

The Style Democracy team was stoked to finally discover a business like this – it’s local, they focus on the customer, they make getting suited less awkward and most importantly these dudes know their suits! When you meet Tomas or anyone from the MADE team you immediately get a sense that they are passionate about their business, they know a ton about fashion, and suiting through hard work, and they care about you and how you look.

Starting at $795, you receive an MADE style consultation, have your measurements taken, and in 3-4 weeks you will be styling in a Canadian-crafted suit that’s MADE for you. Because as Tomas says: “A suit isn’t a suit unless it fits”.

Next week I’ll be getting sitting down and getting suited with MADE. What’s great about that is, you’ll get to see a video of the process and additionally we will be having a CONTEST and we’ll be giving away a MADE experience to one of our readers.

Sounds pretty good to me!

Photos: Grayson Miller
Credits: PennyLoafers Shoe Shine