Does Dollarama Really Give You the Best Bang for your Buck?

With an ever-increasing assortment of brand name merchandise now priced at up to $3.00 each, does Dollarama really give you the best bang for your buck?

Dollarama is the leading dollar store in Canada with over 1,000 locations across the country. It provides customers with a consistent shopping experience by offering a broad assortment of everyday items at a discount. In recent years, the product selection at Dollarama locations has expanded to include a larger assortment of the types of brand name items that you’d find in traditional big box, hardware and drugstores (we spotted products from the brands: Dove, 3M and EOS to name a few). With an ever-increasing assortment of brand name merchandise now priced at up to $3.00 each, does Dollarama really give you the best bang for your buck?



Pricing aside, if you step into a Dollarama to grab “one thing”, you’re more than likely to walk out with a few additional items during your shopping trip. Dollar stores are synonymous with being a catch-all for everyday products that you need to replenish but would not intentionally make a shopping trip out to replace (think sandwich bags, car air fresheners or gum). With thousands of product SKUs in its inventory, Dollarama offers convenience, accessibility and consistency to shoppers every day. Therefore, if you see an item you need, pick it up – it’s worth the money!



Like most savvy retailers, Dollarama operates a sophisticated inventory management system. Products that do not sell are not kept on shelves for very long. Moreover, items that do sell might also only be around for a limited time (we found L’Oreal sunscreen with old packaging and cotton swabs from Target’s Up & Up private label brand). These types of items are purchased through liquidators and can rarely be replenished once sold out. Therefore, if you get attached to an item that seems priced ‘too good to be true’, buy it fast and in bulk. If you’re going into a Dollarama looking to browse a wide selection of merchandise in every product category, look elsewhere. You definitely won’t find body wash in every scent or a vase in every size. For the largest selection of new general merchandise, household and beauty products, shop elsewhere.   


Dollarama carries a wide array of individual and multipack items priced between $1.00 and $3.00 daily. With plans to introduce items priced at $4.00 before the end of the year, customers should begin to question whether these same items could be purchased for cheaper elsewhere. Our tip: check your local flyers for weekly sales! Household and beauty items from national brands can typically be purchased for a bit less at big box and grocery retailers like Wal-Mart and No Frills. These same discount chains allow you to benefit from additional savings like coupons and price matching. If you don’t have the time to check flyers and compare prices, buy the item at Dollarama, you’d only be saving a few extra cents elsewhere.  

Do you feel you’re getting the best bang for your buck when shopping at Dollarama?

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All Images via Cristina Avila