Don’t Spend more than $15 on Ties

Honestly, don’t do it!

If you haven’t picked up a GQ magazine in the last year, or haven’t looked at the credits in the mag, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear about THETIEBAR.COM. GQ has given major props to this online shop by using one of their products in almost every cover shoot over the past year. GQ loves The Tie Bar, for the same reason I do and you should – because they produce high quality fashion forward ties (in almost every fabric and pattern you could want) for $15. Every Tie is just $15…

All the men in the pictures above are wearing either a tie or accessory (tie bar, pocket square) from

If you’re a young guy that wants to make a big impact at your first job and don’t have the coin to pick up a great tie (that you might only wear once to your interview), is for you.

If you wear a suit everyday to the office why not try a tie with a skinnier profile, or a bolder pattern then you might be use to? If you fall into this category you can order a whole bunch of ties and not worry if you only wear it once or twice.

Have you been to Holts or Harry’s recently? $200 for a tie? Really? It’s so refreshing to see a brand do something great at a low cost, and be recognized by the big guns in the fashion industry.

Going to a wedding this summer? Rock a skinny seersucker tie.
Are you a student prepping for summer interviews? Get a black knit tie and a tie bar.
Want to liven up your look this summer? Try a skinny floral print tie.

All of these ideas can be found at and you don’t have to be baller like Jake Gylenhall or Lebron, you can just look baller, and for $15 i’m going to look baller all summer long!

Photo Credits: GQ Magazine