Suffer from Chronic Migraines? Try the Energizing Facial at the Miraj Hammam Spa

If you suffer from chronic migraines and headaches your first assumption probably isn’t, “oh, I should go get a facial…”

If you suffer from chronic migraines and headaches your first assumption probably isn’t, “oh, I should go get a facial…” But as it turns out, there’s a new spa treatment on the market specifically designed to send those headaches far, far away (like really far). I had the pleasure of trying out the Energizing Facial, at Toronto’s Shangri-La Miraj Hammam Spa and it was 75 minutes of pure bliss.

miraj hammam spa

If you’ve never been to the Shangri-La in Toronto, you’re in for a treat; just walking through the extravagant lobby has you feeling fancy. Once you enter the Miraj Hammam Spa, staff are gracious and the ambient setting gets you further in the mood to be pampered.

The facial consists of a series of face masks and facial massages that relieve tension and stimulate blood flow for glowing skin. Exclusively used are Caudalie Paris products – the smell alone could banish a headache, but the series of massages is what really sets it apart from your average spa treatments.

miraj hammam spa

Using traditional Indian head massage techniques and Thai herbal balls, your whole face is taken care of, as well as your neck, chest, arms and feet. I was transported to a peaceful state where all my worries seemed to melt away. I might have even let out an audible snore, but in my defence, I was really, really relaxed.

I finished the treatment with basically no sense of time… was that 75 minutes or three hours? Who knows but I wouldn’t have had any complaints about staying there longer. Not only did my skin feel fresh and soft, but I also felt less tension behind my eyes and near the crown of my head (the areas most focused on during the massage).

energizing facial

To top it off, once the facial was complete I got to bask in the after-glow via the Relaxation Room. Picture lounging on a plush canopy bed with a complimentary snack, tea and all the latest magazines. Once again, you’ll feel as if you never want to leave but luckily, once you’re back to reality the revitalised feeling sticks with you for a couple of days.

Next time you’re feeling plagued by headaches or just bogged down with anxiety and stress, The Energizing Facial may be one of your best options! We think pampering yourself is completely justifiable when it makes you feel great inside and out.  

Will you try the Energizing Facial at the Miraj Hammam Spa?

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