Ewing Athletics Focus Red/Black

Our friends at Ewing Athletics have just released a new colourway of the Ewing Focus model, and we can’t get enough.

Our friends at Ewing Athletics have just released a new colourway of the Ewing Focus model, and we can’t get enough. This newest release sees the iconic Focus silhouette covered in luxurious red suede with a contrasting white and black sole. When we get details on where you can pick these up, we’ll let you know!

Spotlight on Ewing Athletics:

The 1980?s gave birth to so many iconic fashion statements, that it’s impossible to list them all. One of our favourites trends that has managed to last thirty plus years, and has paved the way for hundreds of subsequent brands is the signature basketball shoe.

Although initially released for athletic use, it’s hard to argue that the basketball shoe has not worked it’s way up to the level of a fashion staple in  the every day man’s wardrobe. Over the years, literally hundreds of professional athletes have had their own signature shoe from various athletic brands. In 1989 NBA All- Start Centre/ Power Forward Patrick Ewing took it one step further, becoming the first professional basketball player to have his own shoe company- Ewing Athletics

1989 saw the initial release of the Rebound silhouette and the most famous Ewing model- the 33- Hi. Instantly recognizable- chunky body, double sole and Ewing usually emblazoned on the back, Ewing shoes definitely reserved their right to be considered on of the pioneering basketball shoe silhouettes, emulated and borrowed from by countless subsequent brands. The 33-Hi would go on to have huge commercial success, becoming a street staple in NYC and an international seller isn Europe and Asia.

From 1990- 1996 at the beginning of every NBA season, Ewing would showcase his brand’s latest model. Not only was Ewing Athletics refining it’s basketball shoe collection, the brand opted to include all types of footwear, not just the same models that Patrick wore in games. There were other models of team basketball shoes, cross trainers, running shoes and even hiking boots. The apparel line grew as well, from just T-shirts and tank tops to all types of clothing including leather jackets. Ewing Athletics even sponsored some European League basketball teams, making their uniforms for them. For 1993 Patrick wore the Focus shoe which still remains one of the most sought after models.  In 96? Ewing Brand released the Empire, which subsequently was the last silhouette produced by the original brand.  Read More

Source: Hypebeast