The Top Fitness Facilities in Vancouver

Getting into shape doesn’t have to be monotonous – these 10 places will help you get motivated and into prime condition.

Getting into shape is not as simple as walking around the block or jogging with your dog anymore. It has now been redefined by the ‘fitness industry’ and with that comes so many options on how to get your sweat on that your head will spin. Whether you are a newbie without a clue what to wear to ‘boot camp’ or a Grouse Grind lover who climbs mountains before their morning coffee, these places offer various entry levels and a desire to really get you moving in so many diverse ways.

Survivor Fitness in the great outdoors


Running outdoor boot camps every four weeks no matter the weather, Survivor Fitness also offers Corporate and Bridal Bootcamps. No one is safe from these guys! It seems that they will find you relaxing in the park, at work or at your serene proposal. Serious about what they do, their motto is WE KICK BUTT…YOURS!

Image via @survivorbootcamp


Oxygen Yoga & Fitness in Yaletown


Offering a Mantra of the Week on their blog, Oxygen offers infrared hot yoga, fusion fitness, and an upcoming Summer Sweat Challenge. Are you ready for ‘Hot ABSolutely Burning Butts’ or are you more of a ‘Warm Candlelight Stretch and Relaxation’ kind of yoga person? Decisions. Decisions.

Image via @oxygenyaletown


Barre Fitness in Yaletown


Inspiring people to live happier, healthier lives…one plié at a time! Using barre technique from ballet and dance to keep the body in shape has helped this newcomer to the fitness industry make an impact in how we think about our bodies, the community, and the environment.

Image via @barrefitness


Catalyst Kinetics Group in Burnaby


At CKG, they have developed an integrated and holistic approach to health, wellness, and performance. Members are taught sustainable lifestyle habits and have access to a fitness team composed of doctors, chiropractors, physiologists, kinesiologists, therapists, trainers and coaches who will work side-by-side with them. There are no excuses here. Just serious hard work.

Image via @catalystkg


Origins Parkour on Main Street


Parkour launched itself from a small suburb in France to the entire planet by harnessing the internet and our fascination with videos of people launching themselves off of urban things. Vancouver now has an indoor Parkour facility and not only do you learn to be your own Spiderman but you learn how to flip, kong and become explosive. This may be the edge you need to audition for the lead in Bourne Identity 7.

Image via


InFighting Training Centres in Downtown Vancouver and Burnaby


With a 7 Day Free Trial offer right off the top, you will be able to try as many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing or strength and conditioning classes you heart desires. Tap into Ritchie Yip’s lifelong martial arts training for guidance and advice on what is the best for you, sign-up and bring out your inner Bruce Lee.

Image via @infightingmma


Revamped Fitness on West Hastings


Revamped Fitness was founded on the belief that everyone has an inner warrior waiting to be unleashed. When mixing a group of iron warriors with coaches that know how to get that little extra out of every training session, progress is inevitable and the use of fluffy towels is optional.

Image via @revampedfitness


West Coast Flying Trapeze in Pitt Meadows


Want to run away with the circus? West Coast Flying Trapeze is a fun, interactive way to get fit and with over 45 years of combined performing and coaching experience to ensure your flying trapeze class will be the safest and not scariest activity you have ever taken part in. Smell the sawdust and popcorn but stay away from the high-calorie circus snacks.

Image via @westcoastflyingtrapeze


Tantra Fitness – four locations throughout Metro Vancouver


Looking for instruction in pole fitness, exotic dance, lap dance or striptease? How about dance fitness, aerial hoop, silks and aerial yoga? Tantra is about so much more than learning to ‘work the pole’ and those who don’t feel comfortable in a traditional gym setting, love the freedom of expression these fitness routines offer.

Image via @tantrafitness


Pure Vibe on West Broadway


If you are looking to save time on your workout, then try the 20 minute one offered at Pure Vibe Fitness. Using these super cool Whole Body Vibration machines accelerates your workout and quick, efficient exercise is exactly what super busy people need. Say goodbye to long yoga classes or that 11km jog around the seawall! In, vibrate, out. Done.

Image via @purevibefitnessstudio


However you chose to get fit or stay fit, Vancouver offers such a diverse selection of options that you literally could try something new every week until you found your true fitness calling.

Did we miss any of the top fitness locations in Vancouver? Share them in the comment section below.

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Featured image via Catalyst Kinetics Group Facebook