George Sully Named Brand Ambassador for Moto Guzzi Motorcycles

Designer, connector, and cultural influencer… George Sully wears many hats and has recently added yet another facet to his already impressive portfolio.  Amplifying Sully’s commitment to authenticity and highlighting his influential status – Premier GTA based Italian motorcycle shop Corsa Meccanica has just announced that George Sully will be the newly minted brand ambassador for Italian Motorcycle brand, Moto Guzzi.

Moto Guzzi is the oldest European manufacturer in continuous motorcycle production and is founded on innovation, a beautiful aesthetic and a commitment to highlighting local culture. Corsa Meccanica’s decision to make George Sully the brand ambassador for Moto Guzzi is the perfect fit.  As one of the co-founders of notable Toronto sneaker and lifestyle brand Sully Wong and digital magazine TCHAD Quarterly, Sully has extrapolated his brand experiences and has forged himself as one of the premier identities in the Toronto and Canadian fashion and media industries.

For a brand, choosing the right ambassador isn’t an easy feat. An ambassador must embody the quintessential elements of the brand while being able to reach a new or targeted audience that shares an emotional connection with the brand. Unknown to the general public, Sully is a motorcycle enthusiast. A love that has seen the gritty elements of motorcycle culture influence everything from his newest Sully Wong designs to some of his favourite brands including Vitaly (jewelry) and Kollar and Bellstaff (clothing). The fusion of Sully’s passion for motorcycles, his cool aesthetic and his brand connections are the reasons why Corsa Meccanica wanted Sully.

Owner George Ruffolo is always on the lookout for unique ways to showcase his impressive collection of motorcycles and saw the potential for a partnership with Sully and Moto Guzzi immediately.

“I chose the Moto Guzzi Stone V7 II ABS for Sully specifically for the fact that he loves the classic cafe-racer style; not to mention all added perks that comes with the Stone II.”

The elements of the ambassadorship between Sully and Corsa Meccanica will consist of lifestyle content shot in a documentary style and will explore Moto Guzzi motorcycles while incorporating Sully’s style featuring some of the hottest Toronto and international fashion brands. Below you can view the first installment of the George Sully x Corsa Meccanica x Moto Guzzi series. Beautifully shot and styled the first series feature Sully rocking Vitaly, Kollar Clothing, A Corsa Meccanica T- Shirt, Sully Wong Shoes an LD West Holster and a Belstaff leather jacket. Stay tuned to StyleDemocracy as we will be the exclusive media hub for this incredible collaboration.

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Photography by: Briony Douglas