Get Those Designer Duds, at a Discount

Designer clothing is a desirable commodity – there’s no denying it for most…..

Designer clothing is a desirable commodity – there’s no denying it for most. It looks good, it makes you feel good, and it makes others stare with envy. But it’s just not affordable at full fare if you’re a student or working at a minimum wage job. To even begin to justify it, you have to view it as an investment. Luckily, the ever expanding world of online retail has some solutions for the eager but meager shopper. So before giving up on owning a pair of Christian Louboutin’s or a Marc Jacobs’ skirt, check out these websites, which let you pay less than full price.

I first became aware of ASOS ( when one of my favorite blogs (Atlantic-Pacific) started publishing pictures of outfits from their collection. I immediately decided to check out what they were all about and fell in love (it does happen at first sight – I swear). The website sells contemporary brand names like Peter Jensen and Vivienne Westwood for much less, and they also have a section dedicated to less expensive names. When I shop on ASOS, I usually pick out one high-end designer item and pair it up with a cheaper one. I recently got a Camilla & Marc skirt from ASOS for a formal event and paired it up with a $40 blouse I found in the sale section. I love brand names, but like most of us I can’t always afford to put together a whole outfit made-up exclusively of the best. That said, having the opportunity to look for cheaper accessories to go with a Marc Jacobs dress is a really nice option.

ShopMyClothes ( is one of my favorite online shopping portals (full disclosure: I blog for the company!) for high end designer clothing. They have a super convenient menu set-up, which makes finding what I’m looking for much easier than on other similar websites. I am really passionate about the environment and ShopMyClothes has created a community for buying and selling high-end wares in a sustainable way. Even if the environment isn’t really something you consider when shopping, the prices are the primary bonus! Since you are getting a pre-loved item, you are paying significantly less than if you were to get a brand new one (typically at 25% of original retail) which is a big win in my books.

Shopbop ( is one of my favorite places to shop for high-end designer clothes. What I love most is the design set-up, which makes using the website so much easier. Every time I shop on content dense websites I find myself confused by the lay out, and am never sure I am getting the best deal or where I should be looking for it. With Shopbop you can set up your account in a really convenient way.  From a list of designers you can select the ones you like the most and you’re “My Shopbop” page will get updates automatically and feature your favorite brands. Shopbop also has an incredible sale section which they update regularly; I even got my first pair of Christian Louboutin’s on shop bop because they were on sale. Bloggers like Emily Schuman and Lauren Conrad shop there and highly recommend it (as do I)!

Dealuxe ( is another portal I use when I shop for designer clothing, focusing especially on women. The best part about Dealuxe is that they are based in Canada which makes it so much easier to get items shipped without having to pay customs or high shipping fees. They carry all contemporary brands, and have amazing items that are sometimes hard to find. What I enjoy most about Dealuxe is the ‘virtual stylist’ service they offer, and the fact that it’s free! It’s always nice to get suggestions about items I may like without having to go through the entire website and look on every page. I have recently invested in a Pink Tartan scoop neck dress that I am in love with!

The Peacock Parade
The Peacock Parade ( is another wonderful website where you can find high-end designer brands for up to 80% of the retail price. As a Canadian, I love that this website focuses on bringing a lot of the Canadian design talent forward and selling merchandize from up and coming Canadian designers as well as established international ones. I am also a religious fan of their blog. They have a lot of new and fresh content including profiles on designers I have not heard of before, and they include fashion week coverage and ‘look-books’ that inspire ideas while I shop.