Giorgio Armani To Open 1st Canadian Outlet

Giorgio Armani’s first Canadian outlet opens late next month at theToronto Premium Outlets. Armani is currently recruiting management….

Giorgio Armani‘s first Canadian outlet opens late next month at the Toronto Premium Outlets. Armani is currently recruiting management and staff for the new store, and will be holding a job fair towards the end of this month. Armani’s Toronto outlet could be the first of multiple Canadian locations, as it rolls-out the concept throughout North America. We consulted with a retail expert on the new store, who explained how Armani must maintain exceptional customer service and merchandising so as to not devalue its brand.

Reviewing Giorgio Armani’s career website, it seems to suggest that the brand is growing its outlet store division, with several new US locations. Giorgio Armani has 46 outlet stores worldwide, including 10 US locations. As many as four new American outlets could open by this fall, from what we see on the website.