GOTSTYLE Launches “It’s a Match” Social Dating Makeover for Men

While you may think your shirtless Tinder profile with help you scoop all the babes, it isn’t working.

Gentlemen, this is for you. Online dating is becoming an increasingly complex landscape of do’s and dont’s. For the average person just figuring out what dating app to use is a struggle, but did you know that how you look in you dating profile picture is probably one of the most important factors to securing a potential mate?

While you may think your shirtless Tinder profile with help you scoop all the babes, it isn’t working. While you may get some matches, trust us the women that are really interested in chatting with you just because of your shirtless pics probably aren’t the best options for a long-term partner, and that’s why you’re using Tinder… Right?

Lucky for you, Melissa Austria owner of GOTSTYLE recognized that many men struggle with looking good in dating profile pictures. While Melissa isn’t on Tinder or anything like that, she would look at her girlfriends Tinder’s and was appalled by how awful men’s pictures are. The biggest offenders were men 35 and up. This is understandable as most many don’t take endless selfies. What’s hilarious is that Melissa noticed many dudes posted pictures of themselves with their “ex-other half” cut out…. That’s just wrong guys…

Lucky for you, GOTSTYLE has a new in-house service to help. The new service uses GOTSTYLE’s in-house stylist and will help you pick  up to three great outfits from the store, then will walk around the King West area and take natural pictures of you on your phone so you can easily upload them to social media dating sites all for only $99!

This is truly an amazing service. While  you could ask your friends for their opinion there is nothing like getting a professional to help you out.

Head into GOTSTYLE’s distillery location to experience a life-changing stylish session that at the very least will get you looking great, with the possibility of meeting the “one”

Check Out these Makeover photos!