Hazelton Lanes Expanding to Become ‘Yorkville Village’

Toronto’s iconic Hazelton Lanes shopping centre will be overhauled and rebranded as ‘Yorkville Villlage’.

Toronto’s iconic Hazelton Lanes shopping centre will be overhauled and rebranded as ‘Yorkville Villlage‘, as landlord First Capital Realty looks to incorporate it into the Yorkville neighbourhood. We’re told that First Capital is also looking to eventually own most of the buildings on the surrounding streets, turning Yorkville into a world-class entertainment destination.

First Capital bought Hazelton Lanes in 2011. Anchored by Canada’s most productive Whole Foods location, the centre otherwise struggled with its dated interiors and awkward access points. First Capital retained design firm Kasian to redesign the complex, and we’ve got renderings as well as a video highlighting the renovation.