The Best Hot Dogs in Vancouver

Whether on standing on the street or sitting in a restaurant, a good hot dog can really make your day.

We all grew up on hot dogs, graduated to burgers, then hit steak hard but in our hearts we still love the simplicity and ease of a hot dog. Whether made with beef, pork, bison or boar, you must admit that it is really all about the toppings! Some people are ketchup and mustard fans and others are craving the elegant edge that lobster and caviar toppings will give them. Where ever you sit on the hot dog toppings debate, chances are you will find your perfect dog on this list of the 7 best places in Vancouver.

The Black Lodge in a cabin in East Vancouver

best hot dogs in vancouver

The Black Lodge is a Twin Peaks themed vegetarian restaurant that offers up a big dose of weirdness (check out their IG) and then get down to the business of feeding satisfying your gut. Start by ordering a chili cheese vegan hot dog smothered with all toppings with a side of chili cheese fries. There is nothing glamorous in this joint and beware the taxidermy giving you the eye as you scarf down this heart attack waiting to happen.

Image via @theblackl0dge


Big Dogs Street Hots – Food Truck

best hot dogs in vancouver

Serving up organic hot dogs made with exotic meats – can you say ‘bison and boar smokie’ – tasty uniqueness is how this mobile cart keeps the dog lovers coming back.  Plus all hot dogs are nitrate free, low in calories due to lean meats, and offer gluten free buns!

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The Naam in Kitsilano

best hot dogs in vancouver

Not the most sophisticated of hot dogs but unique. You will find that building this baby is half the charm. The platter arrives with a steamed veggie dog in a grilled roti with melted cheese, a side of shredded carrots, beets and sprouts and a little scootch of mayonnaise. Pile it all in, roll and eat like a big wrap. Squishy deliciousness and low sodium to boot.

Image via Lauren L.


What’s Up Hot Dog in East Hastings-Sunrise

hot dogs, vancouver

If you are looking for a casual place to catch a game (they are all about baseball), to grab a brew or two, and indulge in some hot dog love, What’s Up is where you need to be heading.  The dogs come in traditional red plastic baskets with checkerboard wax paper. Try the Wrigley with fresh tomatoes, spicy mustard and lots of fries on the side.

Image via @whatsuphotdogvan


Dougie Dog – Food Truck

best hot dogs in vancouver

Founder Dougie (yes, he goes by one name) introduced the world to the most expensive hot dog in the world a few years ago. The Dragon Dog is made by combining Kobe beef, lobster, Cognac, truffle oil and secret spices. That may make it expensive and damn fine tasting dog but not so visually appealing! Check out these bad boys but make sure you check your food truck app for availability.

Image via @dougiehotdogs


The Dog House at UBC

best hot dogs in vancouver

This dog house is on wheels and rolling around the UBC Campus. Hot dogs run the gamut from vegan to super beefy and the toppings are west coast inspired with shredded veg, spicy peppers, cheese and squirty sauces to make them extra luscious. Grab extra napkins.

Image via @ubcfoodie


Japadog with 7 locations in Vancouver & Suburbs
best hot dogs in vancouver

This hotdog phenomenon has taken the whole Lower Mainland by storm and has now expanded into the US. The Kurobuta Terimayo is the most popular hotdog and starts with a soft but chewy white bun, a kurobuta sausage, some terimayo sauce and poof suddenly you have a Japanese hotdog that people stand in line for daily. If one is not enough, Japadog has also created a ‘dessert dog’ of a bun with 3 scoops of ice cream inside. Talk about simple pleasures.

Image via @japadog.canada


Hot dogs aren’t a dying breed in Vancouver but they are a little harder to find than other traditional comfort foods that are surging on menus citywide. Don’t despair, though, on the weekend, Granville Street is a hot spot for ‘street meat’ that will do the trick quite nicely after too much Petron shooters.

Did we miss any of the best hot dogs in Vancouver? Let us know in the comment section below.

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