The Only Household Ingredients you need to Banish Acne

Luckily, we’ve tracked down a few ingredients that you definitely have at home and are known to banish the bad stuff.

Let’s be real, all of our faces have been attacked by acne during some unfortunate moment in our lives and quite honestly, those zits are always an unwelcome surprise. If you’re one of the select few that doesn’t have to deal to deal with flare-ups, you’re hashtag blessed. Otherwise, if your complexion is anything like ours, any remedy to banish a blackhead is worth trying.  

While we’re all about booking regular facials that boast hydrating, clearing and curing components, our wallets aren’t always in favour. And in between those green elixirs that promise to promote that glow from within, to our stranger than fiction beauty products, we’re just a little bit hungry for a simpler solution.

Luckily, we’ve tracked down a few ingredients that you definitely have at home and are known to banish the bad stuff. We’re talking about a few multi-tasking household ingredients that might just replace your over-priced rose clay mask – start raiding your fridge for these helpful heroes: 


While paste is used to protect those pearly whites of yours, you can actually use a small amount for those emergency zit-zapping situations. This favoured remedy is a trick used often because of the high presence of ingredients known to beat a breakout. From baking soda, to hydrogen peroxide, these anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients will help remove any unwanted bumps. Spot apply and gently wash off with warm water.

Tomato Juice 

Beyond this playing host to our favourite patio drink, this ingredient can also be used to clear up your complexion faster than you can say “Caesar, extra spicy.” This common kitchen ingredient is known to beat acne with its key healer, lycopene. This vitamin and antioxidant-rich helper is known to repair cellular damage, fight breakouts, as well as keep those free radicals at bay. Simply cut a tomato in half and smear all over your skin. 


This amazing kitchen staple can combat your worst breakouts yet. While it boasts several skin saving ingredients, its claim to fame is definitely the large amount of Allicin found inside. This anti-fungal and anti-aging component helps to smooth the skin, all the while increasing antioxidant levels. Another key ingredient found in garlic is Sulphur, which is known to reduce levels of inflammation, giving your skin that glow from within. Just cut open a fresh garlic pod, apply a little bit of pressure, and voilà, goodbye acne. 


Keep things light and bright with a little bit of lemon juice! While this kitchen ingredient is definitely known to give your liver a much-needed boost, it also boasts skin-saving components that we just can’t live without. Mix in a few drops, or rub a slice on your face for a more clarified complexion with regular use. With its high levels of vitamin C and citric acid, you can keep that skin clear with a small slice. Say goodbye to free radicals, and hello to a radiant glow.


It’s true, just a small amount of salt can help clear up any breakout you’re dealing with. While any table salt will do, stick to the good stuff and opt for Himalayan pink. This kitchen ingredient boasts several trace minerals that are known to combat environmental toxins. Detoxify your skin using as a gentle exfoliator when needed.

What else do you use to banish acne? Share your secret in the comment section below.

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