How to Celebrate 420 in Toronto

Maybe you’ve got a ritual with your friends, your partner or yourself, but when it comes to marijuana, there is always something fun try on 420 in Toronto.

Stoner’s Christmas, aka 420, has a million different stories on how the day first got started. Of them, some of the most commonly told tales include rumours of 420 being the police code for marijuana violations (it’s not by the way), the number of active chemical compounds in marijuana (it’s actually 315), and the date of Adolf Hitler’s birthday (which is actually April 20th, but I don’t get the connection). From what I’ve heard, the true tale comes from rebellious teens, meeting up after a hard day of school to smoke at 4:20pm – (high school) kids, will be (high school) kids, right?

Regardless of what you’ve heard, April 20th has since become the day for smokers of all walks of life to light up together, as one. Maybe you’ve got a ritual with your friends, your partner or yourself, but when it comes to marijuana, there is always something fun try in Toronto – 420 is no exception.

Forget about watching Dark Side of the Moon or Across the Universe (that sh*t is lame anyways), go out and enjoy the city – the weather’s going to be great!celebrate 420 in Toronto

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420 at Dundas Square

Maybe you’ve been living under a rock or are actually new to the city, but Dundas Square across the street the Eaton Centre  has become the biggest scene for pot enthusiasts. With legalization hopefully coming down the pipe (pun intended), this year’s rally will be less of a protest and more of a celebration. With a comedy fest (easy audience) and live music scheduled, the 10th annual 420 rally in Toronto looks to be the biggest and best yet. Get full event details here.

Hang out at your local park

While the weather this Wednesday is only supposed to hit 13 degrees, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the park! Trinity Bellwoods and High Park are dope spots to kick back and enjoy. You wouldn’t be the first or last to rip a couple of j’s on 420. Maybe pack picnic or get take out nearby to satisfy your munchies.

Dope n’ Mic: 420 Edition

Weed and comedy go together like gin and juice or peanut butter and chocolate… Which both actually sound pretty good right now. If you agree, this 420 comedian Jeff Paul will be holding his annual 420 comedy festival at the underground comedy club. The show starts at 9:00 pm and will feature musical and burlesque acts, plus a variety of stand-up comedians. Hopefully you’re able to stay awake to attend the festivities!

Hotbox Roach-O-Rama’s 420 Party

Get lifted bright and early at the Hotbox Cafe. This Kensington Market cafe is teaming up with head shop Roach-O-Rama to raise funds for the Cannabis Friendly Business Association. Test your skills against other potheads in joint rolling, bong clearing and dab offs and no, I don’t mean the dance move. Get ripped with your crew from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm (you might need a nap in between). Get full event details here.

420 Klick x Central

Hopefully you’re not too faded after 420 Dundas to stop by Koreatown bar, the Central. They’ll will be hosting 420 B.Y.O.K (Bring Your Own Kush) with 420 Klicks. Roll up, puff puff, pass and vibe out to artists such as Hipknobot, Mex, Ace Pronto and Joey Gallowz. Cover is $10. Get full event details here.

Will you be celebrating 420 in Toronto?

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