How To Make a Major Move On A Budget

Here are some tips that I found extremely beneficial for how to move on a budget.

Moving is tough! As someone who has just completed their very first move out of their childhood home, I speak from experience by saying that not only is moving timely, but very expensive! No matter how much money I had set aside for all of the costs associated with moving into a new space, there was always another bill right around the corner that I hadn’t quite anticipated. Despite the tiny expenses that slowly crept up, I was able to stick to a strict moving budget using a bit of creativity and a lot of research! Here are some tips that I found extremely beneficial for how to move on a budget.


When packing up your belongings to move from one home to the next, it’s difficult to estimate just how many boxes, packing supplies and shipping tools you’ll need in order to make your move as efficient and inexpensive as possible. Overbuying supplies like cardboard boxes and packing peanuts is just as expensive and damaging as not buying enough.


When in doubt, go with a moving van! After comparing the prices of several rental vehicle options from car sharing programs to driving services listed on classified websites, I found the prices at Discount Car Rental to be the most affordable. The best deals on vehicle rentals can be found Monday through Thursday, so be sure to coordinate your move appropriately to get the cheapest vehicle rates. Scheduling your move for a weekday has several other perks including less road traffic, more flexible scheduling of your home’s elevator (if applicable,) and shorter checkout lines at big box stores!  


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When moving into a space with previous owners, never underestimate the amount of cleaning necessary before you feel at ease to move in your belongings. In order to save money on cleaning, I asked friends and family to lend me some elbow grease in order to get my new space sparkling rather than foot the bill on expensive professional cleaning services. I graciously repaid my happy helpers with the best local eats delivered to my door using the food delivery mobile app, Foodora. Taking food orders using the app was efficient and I saved time by not having to leave my cleaning crew’s side in order to pick up the food. Click here to sign up for Foodora and save $10.00 off your first order.  


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While painting your new space isn’t quite moving, I’d recommend that if you choose to paint your new home, to do it before moving in. Painting prior to moving in saves you the hassle of having to cover furniture pieces and pack up décor at a later time in order to accommodate a paint job.Home Depot is my go-to for paint and painting supplies. I was sure to check their weekly flyer for coupons on premium paint brands in order to save a bit of cash. While quality paint can be costly, be sure not to skimp on this expense and go for a paint brand that includes a primer and stain blocking coverage.  Doing so will save you time and money in the long run – if you plan appropriately, you’ll only need one coat and one can!

How do you save money when moving?

(Images via Cristina Avila)