How to Save the most Money while Grocery Shopping

We’ve rounded up a few tips on how to save the most money while grocery shopping. Implement these tricks and you’ll be saving in no time!

Food is probably one of the bigger costs in your life, especially if you’re feeding a family or more than just one. It’s also one of the easiest costs to minimize, all it takes is a little planning. We’ve rounded up a few tips on how to save the most money while grocery shopping. Implement these tricks and you’ll be saving in no time!

Price Match

An increasing amount of grocery chains accept price matches as a way to undercut their competitors, while this technique might not appeal to every grocery shopper, it’s a great way to help save money. Make sure you do your flyer research and bring them it with you when you shop.

Plan your meals around sales Ads

Instead of planning out your week’s meal before grocery shopping, do the reverse and by that we mean browse the store’s online flyer and plan out your meals around what’s on sale, this way you can get delicious meals for half the price.

If you see a good meal sale, go for it 

Grocery stores will often have at least one meat on sale weekly. Buy up any extra meat you can afford in your budget, and prep it for the freezer once you get home. This trick will save you some extra cash and you’ll always have meat on hand.

Use Coupons

Perusing websites like, and can help score you some coupons or deals that you did not know about. Spending a little extra time to source out viable coupons that can help you save a few bucks is definitely worth it if you’re trying to save.

Rain Checks still exist

Believe it or not, rain checks still do exist. If you’re out shopping for a specific sale item and it is currently not in stock or sold out, you can ask for a rain check and pick it up at a later date even after the promotion is over. Obviously this won’t work on items that you need right away, but for things that are not a dire necessity – then it’s definitely worth the wait.

Bring Earphones & your Workout Tunes

Grocery stores reputedly play slower paced music which subconsciously makes people move slower throughout the sales floor and consequently, lead you to purchase more than you need. By playing your own workout music you’ll be a lot more productive and move at a much quicker pace which means you’ll get out of the store much faster and (hopefully) spend less.

Shop at Low-End Grocery Stores 

Have you ever noticed that prices are different at Loblaws and No Frills even though they’re owned by the same company? It’s because when it comes to grocery shopping, you pay for the environment you’re in. If you’re looking to save a couple of extra bucks, head to the nearest low-end grocery store. If you’re concerned about quality, shop your fresh produce like meats, fruits and veggies at a high-end grocery store and the rest elsewhere. If your town has a Chinatown, check their prices out too – they’re typically lower than chain grocery stores.

Do you have any other tips on how to save the most money while grocery shopping? Leave them below!

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