Inside the Saks Food Hall by Pusateri’s at CF Eaton Centre (With Photos)

Today, Saks Fifth Avenue and Pusateri’s Fine Foods opened their second food hall, this time at CF Eaton Centre. The first opened at CF Sherway…

On Thursday, November 10th, Saks Fifth Avenue and Pusateri’s Fine Foods opened their second food hall at CF Eaton Centre. The first opened at CF Sherway Gardens earlier this year.

The new food hall stands at around 25,000 square feet on the lower level of Saks Fifth Avenue. The store features a large amount of prepared food items, as well as basic grocery items like milk, eggs, and more. As for counters, there are stations for cheese, meats, hot food, and chocolate, as well as a butcher, bakery, and café.

The grand re-opening of Pusateri’s flagship location on Avenue Road, which was destroyed in a fire in the Spring of 2015, will take place on Thursday, November 17th.

Take a look inside the new Saks Food Hall by Pusateri’s below.saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-35 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-3 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-30saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-4l1020568 l1020571 l1020572 l1020574 l1020575 l1020576 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-5saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-3031-2 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-31 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-32
saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-7 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-8 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-9saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-26 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-10 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-11saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-14 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-13 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-12 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-13-2
saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-15-2 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-15saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-19 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-20 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-21saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-17 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-16-2 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-22 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-23 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-24-2 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-24 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-25-2 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-25 saks-food-hall-cf-eaton-centre-28
Will you visit Saks Food Hall by Pusateri’s at CF Eaton Centre?

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