Interview with Laura Siegel Toronto Fashion Week WMCFW

We got the opportunity for a quick chat with NY based designer, Laura Siegel, after

her show on Tuesday. The collection featured a mix of textures and tribal patterns.
Oversized scarves covered the models necks and asymmetrical cuts were beautifully

SD: What was the most exciting thing about working World Mastercard
Fashion week this year?

LS: Even though this is my fourth season of fashion week, it’s my first time working
with IMG. It’s amazing to see how much everyone has grown. There has been a lot of
progress and everything is so well done.

SD: What was your inspiration behind the collection?

LS: I always look at clothes as being a part of the body, so comfort’s always the
number one thing for me. I started thinking, “Okay, if I was trying to survive in the
wilderness, how would I adapt my clothes to make me feel like I was at home?” So I
looked towards animals and how they adapt to nature and I looked at how a grizzly
bear evolved into the polar bear and so from that I was really intrigued.

SD: On a regular day, what can we find Laura Siegel wearing?

LS: Again, I’m really big on comfort. My favorite pieces would have to be a big
oversized shirt or a big oversized sweater with a pair of combat boots.

SD: What are your favorite things to do in Toronto?

LS: I love to explore new restaurants and coffee shops. I actually went to Queen
Mother Café last night and had their Pad Thai. It was amazing!

Featured Image: George Pimentel