We Interview the Mysterious Yorkdale Mall Flash Mob Proposal Couple

Late last year we posted a flash mob marriage proposal that took place at Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall. Over 14,000 of you watched and shared our post of the mystery couple that got engaged in the luxury mall, so we decided to track down the couple to get the full scoop…

Late last year we posted a flash mob marriage proposal that took place at Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall. Over 14,000 of you watched and shared our post of the mystery couple that got engaged in the luxury mall! Like many of you, we were dying to find out who this couple was (and to get a better view of the whole proposal!), so we decided to track them down to get the full scoop. Allow us to introduce you to Stephanie Ferrara and Michael Crupi, a school teacher and retail store owner from Woodbridge, Ontario that unknowingly won the hearts of people across Canada! Read our interview with them below.



SD: First off, congratulations on the engagement! Were you surprised to see your marriage proposal on StyleDemocracy?

Stephanie: Yes! Very surprised! One of our friends from high school had tagged me in the post on Facebook and when I saw it, I copied the link and texted it to Mike and waited for his response. As I expected, he was overjoyed that *HIS* proposal had gotten so much attention.


SD: How long have you been together? How long have you been engaged?

Stephanie: As of today, January 14, 2015, we have been together for 3 and a half years. At the time of the proposal, which was March 14, 2014, we had been together for 2 and a half years.


SD: Stephanie, how did you end up at the mall that day?

Stephanie: Considering it was the last Friday of the March Break, and knowing that I would still be off of work, my best friend, and now Maid of Honour, Natalie Grande, called me up earlier in the week and suggested that I hold off on buying a birthday gift for Mike. Since Mike’s birthday was the Saturday of that week (March 15), she suggested that we go to the mall the day before his birthday to do a last minute gift buying. Not knowing that Mike had already been planning this for two months, I thought this would be a good opportunity to have a ‘girls day’ and shop for my boyfriend at the same time. Pulling up to Yorkdale at around 2/2:30pm, we saw that the parking lot was a disaster (typical for the March Break) and we both knew that finding a spot would take a while. During this time, Natalie was frequently checking her phone and texting. I didn’t really think anything of it since she was explaining that once we got inside, we would be meeting her brother at the Food Court or Yogen Fruz. This obviously wasn’t the case. Her brother, Vince, was not at the Food Court. Natalie and Mike were exchanging plans and locations all along. Not to mention the microphone that Natalie had tucked away on the inside collar of her jacket.


SD: The video has had over 13,000 views since we posted it! What was going through your mind when the flash mob began?

Stephanie: When the music was playing, the crowd had already formed and I didn’t really know what was going on. It almost seemed as if it were a ‘celebrity appearance’ or some sort of promotional product giveaway. I walked along the side of the escalator where Coach is located, and tried to get a better view of what was going on. I looked up at the escalator and all I could see were people on all of the levels just standing there and all along the stairs. However, security was blocking the escalators going down.


SD: Stephanie, did you have any idea that it was all happening for you?

Stephanie: Absolutely not! I almost gave up trying to find out what all the hype was about because so many people had gathered, the crowd was too big to even walk through. Not until the dance music stopped and what Mike calls ‘an epic song’ started to play, I saw the girls (York University Dance Team) form a circle and point up toward the top of the escalator. I followed their direction and looked up. When Mike stepped onto the escalator and started to sing along to the song, THAT’S when I realized, Oh..My…Gosh…..!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move. Natalie had to grab me by my arm and pull me through the crowd saying, “THIS IS HER!! LET HER THROUGH!!”


SD: How long did it take you to plan everything, Mike? Were you worried Stephanie would say no?

Mike: It took me about two months to plan everything. I was turned down by the security at Yorkdale four times. When I finally got approval by the Manager of Yorkdale, the next step was to plan how this would all happen. I was persistent because to me, this would be the perfect proposal for Steph. I then had to sit with my friend and create a mix that would be played during the flash mob. I went to Yorkdale, and after getting rejected by MAC when I asked to use one of their electrical outlets for the DJ equipment and speakers, someone who worked at Bose overheard and offered to not only let us use the electrical outlet, but to also use their top of the line speaker system. Needless to say, I was very grateful. And regarding the question of whether or not I was worried that Steph would say no, the answer to that is very simple. I knew she’d say yes – even if the ring came out of a cereal box.


SD: what was going through your mind when you were coming down that escalator? Did you expect a crowd that big to watch the whole thing?

Mike: **** ****. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

You can fill in the blanks. Nervous. Excited. And worried that everything would hopefully turn out the way I had envisioned and planned it. I was wasn’t worried that she’d say no, I was worried for everything to go accordingly. When I came out, all I could think was, it’s either I cry with nervousness, or embrace it and start singing (as you’ll see in the edited video).

I didn’t expect a crowd THAT big. Everyone always asks me if I paid all of those people to stand there. The answer is no, I didn’t. The crowd just gathered once the dancers started rehearsing. During the song, I was hidden away and couldn’t see the size of the crowd. When I came out I was extremely taken back by the overwhelming size of the crowd.


SD: Was it hard for you to keep the secret for so long?

Mike: Not really. When it’s something this big, I was sure only to tell a few of my closest friends and family. I also asked Stephanie’s parents for her hand in marriage but that was only a few days before.


SD: What did your friends and family think about the whole proposal?

Mike: Given my personality, they always knew that when I proposed to Steph, it would be something out of the ordinary and on a GRAND scale. My friends and family all wanted to be present during this whole thing, but I wouldn’t allow them to. I didn’t want to risk everything if Steph caught a glimpse of them before I came down.

Stephanie: My friends and family just couldn’t believe that Mike planned this entire thing and was able to keep it all hidden from mostly everyone! Everyone was super excited and thrilled for the both of us.


SD: Does Yorkdale Mall hold any significant meaning to your relationship? Any specific reason you chose that spot?

Stephanie: Not really and huge significance in our relationship. I mean, we go shopping there and we LOVE to eat at Chipotle, but it’s not as if we met there or had our first date there. Mike wanted to go big or go home and he knew I’d be looking for his birthday gift. What better spot to pick than a crowded mall filled with March break shoppers.


SD: Who are the dancers? 

Mike: Ally Masi and Olivia Masi were the coordinators of the dance. They are very close family friends and belong to the York University Dance Team.


SD: Have you guys set a date for the wedding? Are you excited?!

Stephanie: YES! We are VERY excited. Our date is set for August 8, 2015 and it cannot come soon enough. We can’t wait for this next step in our lives. Who wouldn’t want to marry their best friend? But right now, we’re organizing things with the purchase of our first home and just enjoying this time together as ‘fiances’ J. Not to mention, spending time with our new Doberman puppy, Tai!

To keep up with the happy couple and their adventures, you can follow Mike on Instagram at @Crupi19 and their new Doberman puppy at @Tai_TheDoberman

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