KÄRV Spring 2013

We are excited to take a peak at the 2013 spring collection from KÄRV. For this collection…

We are excited to take a peak at the 2013 spring collection from KÄRV.  For this collection, the designers were inspired by the sun and stay true to KÄRV’s pure tones and traditional look that has put KÄRV on the map for the past decade.


KÄRV wanted to further the ideas in order to bring out the best of each style. The spring 2013 collection offers a wide selection of skirts, capris, pants and tops that will please everyone.


For this collection, vivid colors and soft fabrics are high for implementation. In addition, new denims are already highly anticipated by retailers because they bring a unique twist that fans will love denims. Moreover, the series of BLACKÄRV from KÄRV offer advantage of different textures with a selection of fabrics and different patterns unique to this series.

About KÄRV:

KÄRV is an authentic fashion brand which takes pride in its innovation and craftsmanship using original fabrics, new textile technology and manufacturing unique techniques. KÄRV continually strive to progress and achieve the best fit and coolest trends.

Since its inception, KÄRV has been known and appreciated for its originality, free spirit and genuineness. KÄRV has evolved into one of Canada’s strongest fashion brands thanks to its young, audacious and fascinating design creators.

Inspired by Northern European trends, KÄRV distinguishes itself from other brands by its urban style. From denim to jackets, shirts to skirts, KÄRV has a unique variety of styles and fabrics making them a one of a kind brand in the fashion industry.

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Source: Karyzma Agency.