The Best Late Night Eats in Vancouver

After the bar doors close where do you go for the best post-pub eats in the city? These are the best late night eats in Vancouver.

No one wants the party to end and in Vancouver, we have so many post-pub locations that it was hard to narrow it down to just 10. Whether you are craving an earlier than early breakfast, something to spice up your love life or some old-fashioned comfort food, you will find it on this list of post-pub hot spots.

Siegel’s Bagels

late night eats in vancouver

It is a long-held tradition that on Friday and Saturday nights, downtown partiers taxi over to Siegel’s Bagels and satisfy their cravings with to-go orders of thick meat stuffed bagels, a bag of sweet Jewish desserts, and then head down to Kits beach to give in to their munchies while watching the waves.

Image via Siegel’s Bagels


Martini’s Restaurant in Mount Pleasant

late night eats in vancouver

A hot whole wheat crust margarita pizza with extra feta or a giant cheeseburger and a side of poutine? That is the question. Martini’s is a mainstay of West Broadway and as comfortable as an old friend who greets you at the door with open arms and a pitcher of beer.

Image via Martini’s


Breka Bakery in West End

late night eats in vancouver

Just a block off the Granville trip, Breka is the place to be après the Roxy, Republic or Studio. Whether you want a full breakfast or a whole cake, ain’t nobody stopping you and before you know it, the busses are running and you are back on Granville hanging off a transit pole.

Image via @brekabakery


Donair Dude in West End

late night eats in vancouver

Make mine extra spicy with pickles, please. Who doesn’t love a spicy, moist and meaty donair at the end of the party? Grab a bottle of fizzy bubbles from the cooler, slouch in the corner and enjoy cramming all that drippy goodness down your throat.

Image via @donair_dude


Lucy’s Eastside Diner in Mount Pleasant

late night eats in vancouver

If going retro is your thing, Lucy’s has big plates of pie, eggs and bacon, French toast and all the trimmings that you would expect at a little hole in the wall diner. Great music, bright atmosphere, and tables just big enough to let everyone sample a little bit here and there.

Image via @lucyseastsidediner


Wings Resturant in Downtown

late night eats in vancouver

Sitting almost at Davie and Granville, Wings attracts a diverse crowd and serves up some of the best nachos this side of wherever. Like it matters! Tri-coloured corn chips with multiple toppings are a favourite for sharing and the staff are oh so cool.

Image via @great_wings


House of Dosas on Kingsway

late night eats in vancouver

An Indian dosa is made with a hand-made oblong crepe stuffed with various spicy and inspired fillings. We suggest ordering a few different ones and swapping them around the table. If you are feeling all ‘Joey-like’ and want your own banana leaf, order a combo platter and enjoy eating it with elbows on high alert.

Image via @vegosamigos


Goldies Pizza in Downtown

late night eats in vancouver

Stumble out of Malone’s sports bar into the front door of Goldies for a sit down gorging on delicious thin crust pizza or hit the speedy take-out window and sit on the curb. Then watch the sun come up and the construction workers arrive across the street. The really patient wait to hit Cartem Donuts for a sweet dessert when they open before heading home or to work.

Image via @goldiespizza


The Marquis on Granville Street

late night eats in vancouver

The only South Granville entry on this list and that is because it gets pretty quiet over the bridge at night. Well, except for Luke’s, but that place is a totally different story! The Marquis has a tasty Bar Eats menu made up of savoury bites from around the world. Canadian-ized snacks like perogies, hummus, nachos, onion rings and the best Ukrainian borscht dot the menu. Watch the board for daily specials like the pulled pork poutine or something as equally tantalizing.

Image via @themarquisvancouver


Tsui Hang Village in Downtown

late night eats in vancouver

Anyone aged from 20 to 60 has eaten at the Tsui Hang at the corner of Davie and Granville at some point in their partying career. Be respectable if you are sitting inside but there are no holds barred at the Davie Street side take-out window, especially if the mini-transit bus is late and the street is overcrowded with cranky clubbers trying to skip ‘walking up the hill’.

Image via @hatthewmarvey

At the end of a long night of celebrating, you can either head home to sleep it off, or for those with an inexhaustible appetite to ‘party on’, head over to any of these restaurants for great food, atmosphere, and much-needed nourishment.

Where do you go for late night eats in Vancouver? Share your spot in the comment section below.

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