Loblaws Wants to Start Selling You Marijuana!

The Globe and Mail is reporting that if Loblaw Cos. Ltd. gets its way, shoppers at the grocery giant will be able to not only buy beer but marijuana as well.

Loblaw which now owns Shoppers Drug Mart has stated that the Pharmacy chain would be an excellent option to start selling medical marijuana direct to consumers. Many larger Loblaws have pharmacies inside the grocery store, so it’s looking like if things go to plan for Loblaws consumers could be buying Marijuana right next to where they buy milk.

The Globe and Mail quotes Galen Weston (executive chairman of Loblaw) as saying,

“We’re believers, as is the rest of the pharmacy industry, that there is a compelling role for pharmacies to distribute medical marijuana,” – The Globe and Mail 

He further states,

“We are an industry that is extremely effective at managing controlled substances. It gives pharmacists the opportunity to work directly, in real time, with patients as opposed to doing it through the mail – working on their doses, making sure it is actually having the therapeutic effect that it’s intended to have.” – The Globe and Mail 

The only thing currently holding back pharmacies from entering the medicinal marijuana game is regulation from the federal government. Mr Weston further states that if pharmacies do get approval to start dispensing marijuana, Loblaw would distribute medicinal bud through drugstores within its supermarkets as well as at Shoppers Drugmart.

We will keep you posted as this story develops.