Local Toronto Students Partner With Toronto Sneaker Brand With Amazing Results

Our friends at Sully Wong have recently partnered with Central Toronto Academy to create something truly magical.


Our friends at Sully Wong have recently partnered with Central Toronto Academy to create something truly magical.

Central Toronto Academy (CTA) is a school that embraces a 21s century learning style that provides students with a high school experience optimized for personal growth and development.  Focusing on projects that the students actually want to pursue has been a hallmark of CTA’s agenda.

CTA’s Media Arts Design students came together to create 6ixes Academy and the 6ixess-clothing brand as a way to build out the community connection program. The clothing brand includes a number of products such as snap-backs, phone cases, t-shirt, sweaters, etc. The 6ixess Academy mandate is to reinvest back into the program and continue building awareness and empathy around diversity, targeting homophobia and bullying.

As a way to expand and develop 6ixess Academy, CTA has partnered with Canadian fashion leaders for ultimate collaborations. This is where Sully Wong comes into play. As a brand always looking to leave that mark and give back to the Toronto’s design community, Sully Wong partnered with 6ixess have conceptualized and brought to life The Wolf Sneaker.

Working with Sully Wong and Shelia McElrea ( Fashion Helps founder) the students at CTA helped with every aspect of the shoe’s creation. From idea development to production the students worked collaboratively together for one common goal.

CTA Art Director Becki Dileo has always encouraged students to think outside the school and apply their knowledge to the community at large. The program goes beyond traditional arts programming. Our goal is to inspire students to apply their creative skill set into real life experiences and build social entrepreneurship,” says Dileo.

This has been a perfect collaboration for Sully Wong, the brand is truly a natural fit, “We did it for the kids,” says designer George Sully. “Everyone has a dream, this is a great way to help students understand that if you have the right people helping you facilitate them, those dreams can become a reality.”

The limited edition, unisex sneakers is now available in November and sold exclusively at Gotstyle. All proceeds from sales will be put back into the Arts Department at CTA to continue building the community connection program and giving the students opportunities like this.


Take a look at the shoes below

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