LOFT and Hot Mess Moves Team Up For Hilariously Accurate New Year’s Resolutions

LOFT and Hot Mess Moves team up for hilarious (and eerily) accurate shorts about all the New Year’s resolutions we promise to keep and are so hard not to break…

We all have New Year’s resolutions and most, if not all, of us are guilty of breaking at least one of them at some point in our lives! Statistics say that only half the people who make resolutions actually keep them. Sometimes our resolutions are as simple as spending less money, making healthier meals at home or getting rid of those toxic people in our lives. And sometimes we go to crazy measures to reach those goals, which is why LOFT teamed up with the hilarious duo Hot Mess Moves to show us why sometimes the best resolutions should be to stay exactly the same!

LOFT and HOT MESS MOVES team up for

Their clips were so hilariously (and eerily) accurate that we just had to learn more about the duo behind Hot Mess Moves, Lyle and Ashley! Check out our interview with the girls below as we chat about resolutions they’ve broken, their best New Year experience, what it was like working with LOFT and more below!

SD: For our readers who haven’t heard about you, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Lyle: Well, when we first started #hotmessmoves we were two improv comedy nerds back in New York City who wanted to make something that spoke more to who saw ourselves as performers. And now we’re living in LA. We recently were staffed as writers on Darren Star’s ‘Younger.’ But I was just looking back through my Instagram and not much else has changed regarding the people that we are… I would say.

Ashley: Agreed – we were and are comedy nerds to the core and realized that in our small world there was a definite inequality in who gets the laughs and for what on stage, and we had kind of a personal mission to create more of a balance. I’m pretty sure making out with a homeless man in a pile of garbage helped, but that might just be me.


SD: What was working with LOFT like?

Lyle: They gave us so much creative liberty! And really trusted us on producing content in our voice, just in their clothes. Which is pretty awesome because I wish that was every day… someone else dressing me.

Ashley: It was fantastic – it’s every comedian’s dream to be paid for making jokes, and then the girlie part of me was stoked about wearing nice clothes in our videos. I would say a win win win.


SD: Why did you choose to work with LOFT?

Lyle: They had this great vision to make some relatable, funny lady content and let that speak for itself. Who could resist that?! Amy Schumer mentioned LOFT in her stand up, LOFT was all like… we’re in on the joke, Amy. That type of playfulness in a brand is innovative. Not to mention fun for us.

Ashley: Yes totally, they seemed very intent on the humor of it all and I was all about that lady comedy in pretty clothing.


SD: Describe your personal styles.

Lyle: There’s what I aspire to: Man Repeller. Alexa Chung. A surly French girl. And then what I end up wearing. I don’t want to talk about that, though.

Ashley: My personal style is like Cara Delevigne/modern LA woman-dressing-as-a-boy mixed with a weird love for the South. Also hipsterdome? Look, I don’t have a style I just love clothes. Most of the time.


SD: Do you guys have any New Years Resolutions for 2015?

Lyle: No more car trouble. But that’s a little bit not up to me.

Ashley: No more calling my ex! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha (but seriously)


SD: What was the best New Years you ever had? Worst?

Lyle: Best: I had a good kiss with the person I wanted to kiss. Is this sad? What should the answer to this be? Worst: I had a lot of these because I’ve never really been good at doing New Year’s right. I often feel obligated to kiss the wrong person and that just makes me feel weird about myself.

Ashley: Best New Year’s EVER??? Ok well in 2000 I had all my female friends over to shoot silly string and sing Spice Girls in the street back in Virginia. When the world didn’t end I took it as a sign that I will live forever. That belief has still not gone away. Worst was definitely the year I met Lyle and spent the whole night drinking an entire bottle of champagne and then a whole lot of whiskey, vomiting in the bathroom at the Brooklyn Lyceum and then peeing on the sidewalk in front of the person I was mad crushin’. Even writing this now though makes me love that memory. NO REGRETS!!! IT’S A NEW YEAR, BABY!


SD: What was your favourite mini episode to make?

Lyle: #singlegirlcooking… because that thing with the carrots is real somehow. I don’t know why I do that. It just seems like less work than an actual knife.

Ashley: Yes I do the carrot thing too—I would say the episode where I get to make out with the sweet and unassuming Brennan Mulligan in “One Bold Move”. He’s a real life ex so it was cool lockin’ lips again.


SD: Which episode hits the closest to home to you?

Lyle: #cleanslate… there is someone out there who won’t be hearing from me in 2015. And I really hope I stick to that. But that’s why I have Ashley.

Ashley: My answer remains the same – One Bold Move. I am always hoping and praying someone will just do one big grand romantic gesture to make it known they’re my person, and even if a homeless man were to do the voiceover for it I would probably be so desperate just to settle and believe it was real.


SD: What are some resolutions you’ve broken in the past?

Lyle: Losing weight. Saving money. Flossing. Everything.

Ashley: Losing weight. Saving money. Flossing. Oh and uh…..not calling my exes.


SD: If you could give our readers one tip for the New Year, what would it be?

Lyle: Read ‘Tiny, Beatiful Things.’ It’s currently my therapist.

Ashley: I should get credit for Lyle’s answer, it’s my favorite book and I recommended it to her. Seriously Cheryl Strayd changed my life. She’s a magician. Also don’t call your exes just let it be over, girl.


Don’t forget to check out more videos from #HotMessMoves on their YouTube channel, you won’t regret it!

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