Man Launches $25 Stand Up Desk Project to “Disrupt Ikea”

The selling part to the idea is the cost. At $25 it’s the cheapest stand-up desk on the market.

Ryan Holmes, founder of Hootsuite always had back problems until is doctor suggest he use a stand-up desk. this suggestion gave Ryan an idea for a new business venture. His idea was to turn a simple stand-up desk made of cardboard into a sophisticated business idea. Mr. Holmes wants to make and sell cheap stand up desks make out of cardboard that can be carried anywhere, folded up, and stored easily. The selling part to the idea is the cost. At $25 it’s the cheapest stand-up desk on the market.

The new start-up is dubbed Oristand, and it launched this past Wednesday selling desks individually for $25 or 5 for $100. The Globe and Mail quoted Mr. Holmes as stating ” I anticipate we’ll see a lot of brands that want to use this as their stand-up desk solution… We’re disrupting IKEA.”

According to The Globe and Mail, the product is simple-looking but packs a big punch. It’s made out of uncoated, 100% recyclable cardboard and doesn’t’ require any assembly or screws.

Oristand from local1 on Vimeo.

While we think this is a great idea, it seems like the consumer population out there isn’t sold.

Here are comments from The Globe and Mail article:

JPP221 14 hours ago

It’s a glorified cardboard box. I doubt that Crate & Barrel is losing sleep over this.

KalleJ 3 hours ago

Took three years to develop!!!!!
Who works with such a small space? And why cardboard? For short term
employment no doubt!

NJT 12 hours ago

I have to chuckle. I built a custom stand up desk via a 5×3 ft maple butcher block and 4 short legs to put on top of my sitting desk which gives me space foe 3 monitors ans a generous writing area. $120 from… Ikea.

Muscovite14 hours ago

I have been using my own stand desk for almost four years. Made of what? Of an old overhead metal cabinet put upside down on a regular desk. Its surface provides enough space to place on it a laptop, an additional external monitor (I need two monitors in my everyday work), a keyboard, a mouse, and even papers.
The solution offered by Oristand may play well with people who do not need multiple monitors, and know how to do blind typing. For those (as myself) who should look at a keyboard during typing, Oristand’s solution won’t be of much use.
Not that I am criticizing … just sharing my own experience which far exceeds that of Oristand’s 🙂

Sea to the Dea 17 hours ago

$100,000 in development costs? WHAT? On folding cardboard? No way.

EFFJ23 minutes ago

Hey Hipsters…get to the gym and strengthen your back instead of hunching over your laptop all day gawking at blogs and facebook…and force yourself to sit with proper posture. Keep the $25 in your jeans and the crap cardboard out of the landfill.

Source: The Globe and Mail