How to Know Which Boots to Buy as A Guy [Infographic]

A Great Infographic for Men’s Boots
How to Know Which Boots to Buy as A Guy [Infographic]

Written by: Jess Walter

Your style is often the first thing that people notice about you. It can be a positive thing if you know how to style yourself, but a big negative if you don’t. Whether you think this should happen or not, is beside the point.

So, you need to start thinking about it more, and find outfits that work for you and complement your own personal style. You also need to have some staple pieces in your closet. Take boots, for example. They are very much in fashion now, not just for girls, but guys, too. The Nike SFB, mostly used in the military, has become a favorite of any male civilian streetwear connoisseur. The SFB isn’t the only boot that’s fashionable right now, either.

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Take a look at this guide to see which boots for males are hot right now, and find something to fit your own personal look.