Mississauga Will Get Its Own Central Park

Mississauga Will Get Its Own Central Park – Just don’t call it that! It will be an Urban Farm.

Believe it or not, there are 200 acres of underutilised, fenced in land that is sitting right in the middle of Mississauga.  The land was entrusted to Mississauga’s local education system in the mid-1800’s by King William IV of England and has not been effectively used since.  Developers have tried to build a golf course, Hazel McCallion even tried to get her hands on it for city use, however, after almost two centuries the land is still going unused.

It looks like this is going to change because The Toronto Star is reporting that the land will be used to make Mississauga’s very own Central Park. The only caveat is, that it won’t be called a Central Park. It will be an “Urban Farm”.  The term Urban Farm is being used, because the project will feature 168 acres of agriculture and environmental programming for Mississauga region students. Once completed the vision is to have an area with education urban farms, trails, wetlands, small-batch areas for maple syrup production, forest areas and an observation centre overlooking the entire park.  The remaining 32 acres will be used for community events, concerts and possible a housing development.

The vision for this project is grand, and we can’t wait to see how it develops. For a more in-depth analysis,  you can read The Toronto Star report in full