Miz by Izzy Camilleri Toronto Fashion Week

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see Izzy Camilleri’s -MIZ runway show. When I read the press release for this show, I was interested in seeing what clothing for the sleek mature woman would look like. So, I grabbed the most stylish mature woman I know (my mother) and we went to go see what the hype around MIZ was. Heavily inspired by the 60’s houndstooth print flowed down the runway, with trims of fur everywhere. Both my mother and myself were impressed with the collection. Although some of the looks were a little “young” according to mom, I thought most of the looks would look stunning on the 50 + market. Refined, stylish and luxurious is what I would call most of the looks, and if you’ve ever felt that there was this void of proper clothing for 50+ women, MIZ might have filled it.

Photos: George Pimmental/ Getty Images for IMG