Most Annoying Things That Happen To you When Shopping Retail

Here’s our list of the Most annoying things that happen to you when shopping retail:

Shopping in traditional retail settings, is the way most of us get our shopping fix. Even with the rise in popularity of online shopping, the majority of Canadian still head to their favourite big box or traditional retailer. While shopping in these setting is the norm, and most likely the preferred way to shop by many, traditional retail does have its downsides.

Here’s our list of the Most annoying things that happen to you when shopping retail:


1)Always trying to be up-sold protective shoe spray in shoe store chains.

Protecting your sneakers that you just spent $200 is an important thing to do, but after you buy one or two shoe spray bottles, you really don’t need anymore. If you’ve ever worked at a shoe store, you dreaded your manager asking “did you try to sell them some spray? Need to bring up your multiples…”

If you’re a regular shopper at places like Footlocker or Champs, you probably have a graveyard of half used sprays somewhere in your house.


2) Fragrance “tester” Spritzer Sales People.


Everyone knows who these people are. They are often good looking and convince you to test out some horrible- smelling, celebrity-inspired fragrance and the only reason you actually stop is because someone attractive is talking to you. The most common thing you’ll hear from these people are “it always smells different once you wear it for a while”… Big lie! If it smells like Axe mixed with Justin Beiber tears when it’s first sprayed on, it will smell the exact same two hours later.


3) When you can’t find anyone to help you when you actually want to buy something.


If you ever shopped at The Bay in the mid 2000’s you probably found something awesome, wanted to either try it on our buy it, and not one sales person is in sight. While many stores have made improvements to this problem, if you’re a regular department store shopper you’ve probably noticed that the square foot to employee ratio is comical…

4) Too many sales people trying to help


While not finding someone to help you when you need it is annoying, having too many sales people at your disposal is almost even more annoying. “Do you need a hand with that?” “Can I grab you an extra size” . While customer service is paramount, sometimes it’s just too much.

5) Arriving at a store to buy a specific thing and it’s sold out.


With all the technological advancements that have happened to date it’s crazy that you can look something up online, check to see that it’s available, head to the store, then have it be sold out. This is infuriating. We all know that Target was a major perpetrator of this retail crime, and Canadian shoppers showed them how we felt about it.

6) No Washroom Policy


This is just not cool. If you are a customer, or an intended customer the retail store should let you use the washroom or have a washroom available. We’ve just never understood stores that don’t let people use the washroom. It’s really hard to make a decision on a pair of jeans when you’re going to shit your pants. Truth….

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