Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Budget

With just a month away, it’s almost Mother’s Day and instead of scrambling last minute to find the perfect gift, take your time and get her something she will really love! Right now, there’s one online store that we’re really loving – Uncommon Goods…

With just a month away, it’s almost Mother’s Day and instead of scrambling last minute to find the perfect gift, take your time and get her something she will really love! Right now, there’s one online store that we’re really loving – Uncommon Goods is an online marketplace that features creatively designed, high-quality, and unique merchandise at affordable prices. They’ve got everything from furniture & art to jewelry, boardgames & books, plus everything is super easy to navigate! We’ve decided to team up with them this Mother’s Day for a list of gifts for every type of mom, in everybody’s price range. Check out our top picks below and head here for more Mother’s Day gift suggestions.


Birdie Yarn Bowl – $56.56  SHOP HERE

This one goes out to all of the moms who like to get crafty. This cute little stoneware bowl, designed by New York artisit Aaron A. Harrison, has a sleek base that keeps yarn balls in place while knitting, crocheting, and weaving. This particular bowl has a charming little sparrow on top, but also comes in different styles such as the Hedgehog Yarn Bowl, the Sheep Yarn Bowl and the Create Yarn Bowl.


Butterfly Canvas Print – $155.83  SHOP HERE

This butterfly recycled-canvas print is the perfect pop of colour for any women’s home. It was designed by artist Wendy Gold who created the print with inspiration from an antique globe she found at a flea market. Each region is populated with a flight of butterflies in blues, purples, yellows and reds across a soothing canvas of pale blue and white ocean.

mothers day gift ideas

60 Hour Candle – $34.63  SHOP HERE

This uniquely designed 60 hour candle will add the perfect touch of warmth to anyones home. The holder is made out of a copper-finished plate and the candle is made from 100% beeswax. This candle promises to last for 60 hours – a three-inch section burns for approximately an hour. Refills are also available.

Mothers day gift ideas

Awkward Family Photos Board Game – $26.55  SHOP HERE

From my personal experience, nothing warms a mothers heart more than spending quality time with her family – especially when it involves hilarity ensued by someone else’s awkward family photos. Bring back family game night with this hilarious board game. It’s sure to be a hit with the whole family!

Mothers day gift ideas for every budget

“She Believed She Could” Bangle – $132.75 – $184.69  SHOP HERE

These organic inspiring bangles are handcrafted by sculptor Jen Pleasants in Northern California. Each bangle is sold individually and is embossed with an empowering quote that reads: “She believed she could, so she did!” The precious metals used in the bangle are all recycled and are even packaged in FSC-certified materials. These bracelets would look beautiful on their own or layered with a watch. 

mothers day gift ideas

Horseshoe Heart Trivet – $57.52  SHOP HERE

This is the perfect gift for anyone who would love a little luck on their side. Exclusively sold at Uncommon Goods, this beautiful and practical good luck symbol came from the blacksmithing talents of artist Alexandra Paliwoda in Idaho. It can be used as a trivet to protect wooden surfaces and countertops or even for decorative purposes on your walls.

mothers day gift ideas

Italian Cheese Making Kit – $28.80  SHOP HERE

This gift is for the mothers who get inspired in the kitchen and love cooking up a storm! This Italian cheese making kit comes with enough tools and ingredients to make amazing artisan cheeses like mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, and ricotta salata. Tell me your mouth isn’t watering!

mothers day gift ideas

Pedestal Jewelry Holder – $51.94  SHOP HERE

This beautiful hand pressed jewelry holder by artist Tracy Shea is the perfect gift for all the mothers that typically receive jewelry on Mother’s Day. The stand features 50 hand-cut holes for earrings and enough surface space to home bracelets and baubles.

mothers day gift ideas

Latitude Longitude Pendant – $173.15  SHOP HERE

This necklace is the perfect way to carry memories with you all the time. If you and your mother share a special place – your childhood home, a summertime retreat, or some dreamlike spot you both can’t forget – save it’s latitude and longitude on a sterling silver chain and hand-forged, solid recycled sterling silver pendant that she can keep forever. Can’t figure out the geographic coordinates to your special place? Give Uncommon Goods the address and they’ll do all the work for you! For more personalized gifts from Uncommon Goods, head here.

mothers day gift ideas

“What I Love About Mom” Book – $11.54  SHOP HERE

Sometimes it’s hard to say the words or explain why your mother means so much to you, but this book helps you perfectly articulate it! It’s the perfect give from child to mother, a lovely coffee table book, and an adorable way to show appreciation and care.

mothers day gift ideas

Meditation Box – $98.12  SHOP HERE

This gift is for the creative types that need a quick escape or mental get-a-way. They’ll be able to loose themselves and engage their imagination by letting the stylus make it’s mark on this adult take on the sandbox. Artist Jayne Riew designed this meditation box with inspiration from the transitory and forgiving nature of sand.

mothers day gift ideas

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses – $75.03  SHOP HERE

These fun glasses combine a mother’s love for wine and music. Musical notes are labeled with sandblasted fill lines. To hear that sweet symphony, all you have to do is fill to your desired note and run your moistened finger along the rim. See how it works here.

mothers day gift ideas

“My Life Story – So Far” Book – $32.32  SHOP HERE

There’s nothing better than hearing stories from a mother’s past – what it was like for them growing up and all of their favourite memories – and there wouldn’t be anything more special than having those treasures memories to pass down to generations to come.

mothers day gift ideas

Storyline Soap Sampler Gift Set – $17.31  SHOP HERE

This cute little sampler was inspired by scent’s ability to bring back memories as if they happened yesterday. The set comes with 6 different soaps made from natural ingredients like ground coffee, poppy seeds, lime peel, jasmine flowers, and are all individually wrapped in book pages.

mothers day gift ideas

Porno for New Moms – $13.85 SHOP HERE

FYI this book doesn’t contain any actual nudity, but it is full of images from any new mom’s fantasy world including photos of dad’s on duty with captions like “I told my boss I have to leave at 3:00 every afternoon so I can come home and give you a break” and “Now, remember, it’s my turn to do the midnight feeding, so don’t get up!”

mothers day gift ideas

Aquamarine Brand Ring $80.80  SHOP HERE

This beautiful sterling silver ring is made by artist Nancy Nelson from a handcrafted mold made from green twig found in the ancient woods of West Virginia. Delicate, yet rough – the aquamarine gemstone is believe to promote luck and harmony.

mothers day gift ideas

Tea From Around the World – $63.49  SHOP HERE

For the mother’s that are tea connoisseurs or looking for an introduction to a great tea – with this gift, they’ll be able to explore the flavours of the world without ever having the leave the comfort of their own chair. This made in Paris set comes with 10 tubes of tea, each with enough leaves to brew up a 7-8 cup pot and even comes with an informative booklet full of brewing tips!

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