This is How Much Canadians Plan to Spend Over the Holidays

How much are you spending over the holidays? According to a survey conducted by Ebates, the Canadians plan to spend a whopping $200 more than they did last year.

Whether you’re naughty or nice, the holidays mean one thing – it’s time to dump out your wallets and spend, spend, spend! Yes, the holidays are about giving, but nothing comes for free, so even if you set budgets or make DIY gifts, inevitably it’s still gonna cost ya.

That being said, lose the guilt, because you’re not alone in your buying rampages. It turns out Canadians are feeling hella lucrative this year. According to an Ebates poll, Canadians plan to spend 86% more on presents than last year – that’s approximately $200 more.

To break it down for you even more, last year Canadians spent around $402, whereas this year people are spending an average of $600. Whatever amount you plan to spend, the facts are in and Canadians are really doling out the dollars this holiday season.

Take a look below at some other cool facts related to average spendings of Canadians during the holidays:

  • 59% prefer online shopping because they hate malls and it’s more convenient.
  • 45% will shop on Black Friday, 43% on Cyber Monday,  53% on Boxing Day.
  • 76% will be spent on clothing and accessories (vs. 67% last year)
  • 61% on electronics (vs. 55%)
  • 56% on book (vs. 54%)
  • 53% on toys (vs. 46%)
  • 52% on health and beauty (vs. 43%)
  • 31% on sports gear (vs. 21%)
  • Over a quarter of Canadians say their spouse is the hardest to shop for

Looks like a lot of us will be receiving clothing, accessories and electronics as gifts this year. And if you’re stumped on what to buy your spouse – don’t feel bad! So are a lot of other people.

Do you think the survey of how much Canadians plan to spend over the holidays is accurate? How much will you spend this year?

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Featured image: Instagram/@alejandro.83