New Rickard’s Session Lager – The Summer Beer We Just Fell in Love With

There is nothing better than enjoying the warmer weather with great food and drink.

It may be a little early to yell from the rooftops that summer is here, however, with temperatures rising, Torontonians are finally shaking off the winter blues and preparing for awesome weather.

Toronto is one of those cities that truly comes alive in the spring and summer months. There are events every weekend, some of the world’s best eating and drinking and top musical acts come through all summer long.

Whether your ideal summer day is kicking it with some friends in the city, or heading up north with family for cottage time – There is nothing better than enjoying the warmer weather with  great food and drink.

Rickard's Session Lager 072

The essential drink to any summertime cookout or cottage barbecue is good old fashioned beer.  There is something about beer in the summer -it almost makes every dish taste that much better. One of our favourite beverages this summer is the new Rickard’s Session Lager. It’s a fantastic light beer with uncompromising flavour and a full-bodied taste. We love it because it’s a rare full-bodied light beer that is surprisingly refreshing and sessionable.

Rickard's Session Lager 061

Once you’ve cracked open the first bottle, you notice the beer’s deep ruby hue — a colour you’d expect from Rickard’s and a refreshing malt flavour. Rickard’s Session Lager will soon be your summertime staple. A drink to enjoy at your favourite festival, at your best friend’s cottage or in your backward.

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Rickard’s Session Lager available now, where beer is sold.

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