An Ode to Frank and Oak – Why the Dudes on our Team are in Love.

Frank and Oak has quickly become one of biggest online menswear retailers in North America and one of the biggest success stories in the Canadian fashion scene.

I have a handful of answers to this question, but the best and most simple one I can come up with is that by shopping at Frank and Oak; wearing great, stylish clothes has never been easier and more affordable for men.

Frank and Oak has quickly become one of biggest online menswear retailers in North America and one of the biggest success stories in the Canadian fashion scene. For more than 2 years now, the Montreal based menswear brand has built a massive following (myself included) based on offering well made, well priced, on-trend apparel, footwear and accessories. However, it isn’t just the quality and the price of F&O’s collections that has me actively involved in their monthly “Hunt Club,” but the experience of being a Hunt Club member that makes shopping with F&O an incredible and unique experience.

Frank and Oak, which originated purely as an online retailer, has built their brand on providing members to their website the ability to order clothing on a monthly basis, or whenever they want, being able to send back whatever doesn’t fit or whatever they don’t want – at no charge. Being a member of the “Hunt Club” also grant’s you free shipping on every order, along with special discounts and promotions on a weekly basis. Because F&O is always coming out with new collections, products, and interesting ways to market their brand, it is the only list I am on that receives a 100% open rate on my behalf!

The ease in which the F&O website allows members to shop and return items, as well as ask questions about sizing, shipping, or any other facet of the shopping process has set the bar in my opinion for how all e-commerce customer service should be practiced.

One could argue that at its core, Frank and Oak is a technology and marketing company selling a lifestyle. A lifestyle that caters to the urban gentleman – men who want to dress well and stay current with trends – but when it’s convenient for them. There are still a lot of guys out there that are skeptical about the online shopping experience because of sizing, returns, length of shipping, etc., even though F&O has pretty much built a solution for all of these potential concerns. They have also recently rolled out a hand full of retail locations across Canada, which in my opinion has strengthened their brand and enhanced the experience of being apart of the F&O community. For example, over the years I have purchased over a dozen tops (sweaters, t-shirts, button-downs, jackets) but never a pair of pants. Even though I could ship them back at no charge, there has been something in my brain that hasn’t allowed me to pull the trigger. So a couple weeks ago I went to the Toronto store on Queen Street West and found a couple style of pants; comfortable, perfect fit, well made, and extremely reasonable in price ($60-75). Now that I trust the fit of the pant I will have no restraints on ordering online, which is likely now the case for lots of men who were once hesitant to try the F&O experience. Oh yeah, the Toronto store has a café in the front and a barbershop in the back of the store, so that’s awesome – we even included them on our list of the Top Stores of 2014!