According to Pinterest, These are the Biggest Women’s Fashion Trends for 2017

Time for a wardrobe overhaul? According to Pinterest, these are the biggest women’s fashion trends for 2017. Shop accordingly.
According to Pinterest, These are the Biggest Women's Fashion Trends for 2017

Ah, Pinterest. Every girl’s best friend.

It’s the go-to website for wedding planning and crafty DIYs that your significant other ends up hating you for, and it’s also a go-to for inspiration on fashion, homes, and hair.

So it should be no surprise, especially with a predominately female audience, that the biggest trends are found on the social sharing website, including the top trends for 2017.

Pinterest’s in-house data team recently studied rising trends on the website to predict what women will be wearing in 2017.

On the top of the list? Bell-sleeve tops. Say goodbye to the off-the-shoulder top because apparently, bell-sleeves have raised more than 300 percent in popularity. Slip dresses and pajama dressing also topped the charts because comfort first, right?

Another trend is “flair”. Yes, just like Jennifer Anniston’s flair in office space; pins, patches, and stickers. Flair was up 800 percent in popularity and was found on gadgets and apparel like denim jeans and jackets.

women's fashion trends in 2017
Image: Instagram/@togtees

Pinterest’s team also found a rise in 80s trends, including high-tops, peg leg pants, and denim skirts. And if you stocked up on high-waist denim over the holidays, don’t fret – those are still the “it jean” for 2017, just make them a little more distressed if you want to look extra on-trend.

Other women’s fashion trends for 2017 include political tees (hello, Team Hillary!), backless shoes like slip-ons and mules, and multiple earrings.

Will you be wearing these women’s fashion trends for 2017?

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Featured image: Instagram/@seewantshop