Spotlight: Rent Frock Repeat

How many countless times have you needed a dress for a night out….

How many countless times have you needed a dress for a night out, and on a whim purchased an extravagantly priced outfit only to be worn once? I’ve done this numerous times and have felt great about it……until I see my bank statement. This is where Rent frock Repeat comes in. The website allows its members to rent dresses at a fraction of the cost, saving them big bucks. Once you’ve worn the dress for the allotted amount of time, you can ship it back to its Canadian destination, knowing you’ve made a smart decision both style and money wise. An added bonus to this site is that they provide a backup size along with the requested one, in case of an improper fit.

Rent frock Repeat saves tons of money and closet space in the long run, especially if you frequent numerous events throughout the year. Think of it as perusing your best friends closet. Bargains on designers such as Anna Sui, Jay Godfrey, Milly, Yigal Azrouel, and Tibi are just a few names that the website provides.

Along with the web site being a primary source for renting dresses, Rent frock Repeat also holds trunk shows throughout Canada to allow members to try on a variety of pieces. Being a member comes at no cost, and gives one access to a plethora of dresses for any occasion. While everyone compliments you on the wide array of outfits you have, you’ll be the only one who knows you haven’t had to break the bank.