Retailers with the Worst Customer Service

There are some stores that have horrible service, no matter what the situation or day it is. Here is a list of stores that are known for having the worst customer service…

We understand that poor customer service can be the result of different factors; maybe there’s a staff shortage (too many people called in sick that fateful day), the store representative might be having an off day, or perhaps it might be ourselves having a tough day and that vibe is being reflected back onto us. Like we said, there are many variables. With that being said, there are some stores that have bad customer service no matter the day or the situation. Here’s a list of retailers known for having the worst customer service:

Forever 21

Let’s face it, Forever 21 is the ultimate place to shop for clothes on a budget; their various styles are wonderfully accommodating and their price points are always on point. The retailer’s great demise can largely be contributed to their massive square footage and not being able to find a sales representative to help search the piles of clothes for the right size. Honestly, it can sometimes feel like a search and rescue mission in the store especially during the weekend when there’s a 1000-1 ratio of customers to employees.

Shoppers Drug Mart’s new Beauty Boutique

Shoppers Drug Mart recently added a lovely new Beauty Boutique section to select stores; this new expansion comes with designer cosmetic and skincare brands like Chanel, Estee Lauder and a plethora of others. If you’ve ever stepped foot into the entrance of the new Beauty Boutique then you would have likely experienced what an antelope feels like when it’s being screened by a team of lions. It’s just not fun. You simply cannot browse an aisle without being hounded with a, “can I help you with anything?” Honestly, you can only say “no, thank you” politely so many times before you get fed up and just leave. Sometimes being over-serviced is just as poor an experience as lack of service.


First, let’s set one thing straight. It’s not the floor’s sales representative that we have a qualm with; they’re great at what they do and quite frankly, it’s admirable how they can stay so composed as customers are rifling in and out of drawers and blatantly causing a huge mess. It’s when we come bearing a return at the sales counter that we experience something comparable to an FBI interrogation. Not only do we need to provide a legal piece of ID, we’re also plagued with 21 questions. We get that Sephora has one of the best return policies of any major retailer, but it’s experiences like these that beg the question: Is it really worth it?

Do you agree with our choices? Share the retailer you think has the worst customer service with us below.

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