Review: What It’s Like to Get a Custom Suit Made at Indochino

We had the opportunity to walk through Indochino’s Toronto Showroom and get the full custom-suiting experience. Here’s how it went…

As StyleDemocracy’s Events Coordinator, I’ve been able to shop a pretty awesome roster of brands and have been given access to some cool opportunities. One of the things I had not yet experienced was getting a custom, made-to measure suit. Poor me, right? Anyways, as fate would have it, I was recently introduced to some people at Indochino, arguably the largest made-to-measure (or bespoke, as many call it) suit company in the world, and was very kindly offered a fitting in their new Toronto showroom.

indochino review

The concept and story behind Indochino is awesome. Two friends in their early 20’s travelled through South East Asia to get custom, made-to-measure suits for just a few hundred bucks and thought, ‘how do we streamline this process, so that North American’s can also get a beautifully designed, well built, affordable custom suit without having to backpack in the jungle for 2 months?’ and boom – Indochino was born! If only it were actually that easy… (Feel free to read more about how Indochino started here.)

indochino review

I knew going into my appointment that being able to select every aspect of the suit; from the design/colour, the fabric, the lapels, the buttons, the lining, the pockets, the pleat on the pants, and even if I wanted suspender loops or not, was going to be a really cool experience and something I had to take advantage of. The last thing I needed in my closet was another blue or grey suit – I definitely had the intention of going all out and making a statement.

indochino review

The experience of walking into Indochino’s Toronto Showroom was very similar to visiting for the first time – clean, modern, and friendly. Just a quick side note: Indochino first started as an online platform and is now complimented by 7 showrooms in North America. You can either build your suit yourself online, or with an Indochino Tailor at one of their showrooms.

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My tailor, Andro, graciously met me upon my arrival and after a quick intro and being offered a beverage of my choice, Andro and I went upstairs to the Groomsman Lounge to review the process and what I wanted in terms of a custom suit. Andro then spent approximately 20-25 minutes taking all my measurements while uploading each one into the Indochino App. Technology is pretty awesome I must say, as my measurements are now stored in the thing called the Cloud! I can go into my user profile on the Indochino site and order custom suits and blazers, while paying the same price or lower as I would for something off the rack – insert slow clap!


We then headed back downstairs to the very beautifully curated showroom to pick the suit. The showroom is displayed with racks of large draping fabric swatches, arranged by colour schemes (blues and blacks) and also by season (types of fabric). Several mannequins surround the showroom with different looks, which allow you get a feel of what the finished product will look like.


My suit selection includes a mid-grey, hounds tooth pattern, doubled breasted, with peak-lapel, white buttons, a blue and white floral lining, a light grey stitching on the button holes, and finally….cuffed pants!


My suit, or “The Oliver James Berg,” as it will be identified in the inner lining, will take approximately 3 weeks to construct and ship to Six. I will then go back to the Showroom for final alterations, as the Indochino Mantra is to make the suit a little big as you can only take away fabric, and not add it.

Overall, my first experience with Indochino was awesome. The staff are attentive and knowledgeable, and their offerings are current and stylish. Indochino makes getting exactly what you want and how you want it easy and stress-free.

Stay tuned for a review of the final product!

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