Sale Spy: The Geox Warehouse Sale

The SaleSPY is back, and we just checked out the GEOX Warehouse Sale!

The Sale Spy is back and we just checked out The Geox Warehouse Sale! In all honesty, the Geox Warehouse sale is one of our favourite events, solely because of the quality of Geox footwear. While the brand may not be the most fashion forward footwear brand out there, Geox makes incredibly high-quality footwear and to get it at warehouse sale prices is a major win.

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What to look for?

If you are looking for boots, the Geox sale has you covered. There are boots for men, women and kids, all at great prices in a variety of sizes and widths covered. Whether you’re looking for a high boot for women or a nice Chelsea boot for men, GEOX has it.  Additionally we were surprised to see how many kids shoes there were. If you didn’t know, Geox shoes for kids are loved by celebrities who have been putting their tots in Geox because of the support and the cool kids styling.

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What are the prices like?

The prices are good. Most shoes start at around $60.00 and go to $85, while the boots range from $85 to $140. Considering most Geox shoes’ regularly retail at $150+, the prices are solid.



Should you go?

If you are a GEOX fan, or you are looking for high-quality boots but at a discount the GEOX sale is for you. Get all the info for The Geox Warehouse Sale here.