Say Yes to the Dress! Kleinfeld Bridal in Canada!

Our friends at Retail-Insider have tracked down some exciting info for brides to be!

New York City based Kleinfeld Bridal could open as many as four Canadian retail locations if it’s new Toronto store is a success.

If you haven’t heard, Kleinfeld’s, the bridal boutique famous from the TLC television “Say Yes to the Dress” is in the process of opening Canadian test stores on the 7th floor of Hudson’s Bay flagship store on Queen Street West.  If brides decide to flock to Kleinfled’s you could see new locations to follow in Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary.

Toronto’s Kleninfeld store is primed to be a bridal mecca- an enormous 20,000 square foot full service bridal salon. According to inside sources, 70 + Staff will be trained by the New York store’s management, and from what he heard, every foot of floor space will be visually stunning!

We will keep you posted as we get more details about Kleinfeld’s arrival.

Source: Retail-Insider